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Faculty Resource Fair Dec 1

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011

 I'm very sorry I'm off campus during the resource fair -- what a great opportunity to talk with my colleagues about communication and collaboration resources that we have and that we'd like to have.

Just a reminder about all the great things at the fair (quoting from Provost Jacobs' email):

"I hope you'll stop by the Faculty Resource Fair this Thursday, Dec. 1, from 12-2 PM in the Williman Room in Benson.  

The Faculty Development Program and the Provost's Office are co-hosting the event to raise awareness for: 
  • Support of faculty scholarship 
  • Ways to enhance teaching
  • Benefits particularly important to faculty
  • Approaches to work-life balance and career flexibility
The event will feature appetizers and beverages in a welcoming atmosphere. Come interact with other faculty members and learn about how Santa Clara University might be able to better support you in your work.   

I also understand that the Faculty Development Program has a free i-Pad2 to give away."

...and doubly sorry about not being there for the iPad2...

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