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We Hope to Have Recommendation to Provost Next Week

Thursday, Mar. 29, 2012

This week we reviewed our experiences with the Microsoft Sharepoint and Google Apps "sandboxes." These were SCU specific sites that let us try the features from both vendors.

We are also progressing with the request from the Provost around cost/benefits/risks analysis across both vendors. The IT and Information Services people have had to shoulder most of this burden as we look at actual dollar costs, training hours, implementation strategies, and the like.

Thank you to all who have given us comments throughout this process. This is much more than a technology tool decision. It is a decision about our work environment and practices.

Many of you are already involved in work that takes place in the cloud rather than on a desktop. I hope you see yourself as part of the transition team and will help us provide demonstrations as we discover new ways of collaborating.


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