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The broad charge to this Task Force is to identify campus needs for communication and collaboration services and to identify tools and practices to support those needs (click on the Task Force Charge link in the left column for the full description). This is a project blog - the task force will post formal and informal updates here and looks forward to your comments on these posts. Feel free to scroll down for history, search for your topic of interest, or just comment to say what you would like to see discussed.

  •  Thinking About More Powerful Communication

    Sunday, May. 20, 2012

     We all make communication choices every day. We send emails, we make phone calls, we may use on-line chat or text messaging. But do we make the best choices when it comes to which content and goals we apply to which tool?

    With more powerful communication systems like the ones the communication & collaboration task force had the pleasure of considering come greater flexibility in how we communicate. The "right" choice for how we choose to use this flexibility is likely based on your job, your organization's norms, and the needs of the particular task.

    A while back I wrote a post about making choices across social media. Friends in the collaboration field have also recently written about communication choices. I'll link to these here, but hope you will add other posts or thoughts in the comments below.