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Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Dominik Markl, S.J., PD Dr.

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

Office hours: by appointment
Phone: 510-549-5008

About the professor

Dominik Markl (*1979) is a Jesuit priest from Tyrol, Austria. He did his dissertation on the Decalogue and its literary contexts (Ex 19–24 and Deut 5) in Innsbruck (Austria) and his post-doctoral work on Deuteronomy in Munich (Germany) as a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. He was granted the venia docendi in Old Testament Studies at University of Innsbruck in 2011.  He gained teaching experience at Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University (summer 2007), at University of Innsbruck (2009/10), at Heythrop College, University of London (2010–2012), and at Hekima College, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi (Fall 2012). Markl's research concentrates on the Decalogue, the Pentateuch (esp. the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy) and pragmatics of the Hebrew Bible.

Courses offered Spring 2013:

  • Psalms: The Psalms have nourished the spiritual and theological life of the Christian and Jewish communities for centuries. This course focuses on systematic exegesis and will enable students to analyse Psalms applying methodological steps, including the analysis of the structure and dynamics, poetic devices, genre, message and theology of individual Psalms. Moreover, the structure and theology of the Psalter as a whole, its relationship with texts and images of the Ancient Near East as well as its intertextual intervowenness within the Bible will be reflected. We will explore the spirituality of the Psalter by considering: relationship to individual and communal prayer, worship and music. This course is designed primarily for M.Div. Students. J.S.T. students may take it as a 'praxis' course, with a series of 'experiments' of Psalms in worship, pastoral care, the arts (to be determined with the instructor).
  • Advanced Hebrew Readings: This course will provide the opportunity to read and translate prose and poetry from a variety of books, including Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah and Song of Songs, and to study the textual apparatus and Masoretic notes of BHS.  Students will come to each session prepared to translate from assigned texts and to engage in some sight translation. Grades will be based on participation in class and on two exams.  The intended audience is GTU PhD or MABL students who have completed a semester of Advanced Hebrew; others need permission to enroll.  [PIN code required; auditors excluded.]


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  • Social Justice in the Bible [online:], (2011).
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