Santa Clara University

Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Gabriel Mmassi, S.J., S.T.D.

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology


B.A., Hekima College, Jesuit School of Theology;
S.T.L., Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley;
S.T.D., Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley

Office hours:


Gabriel Mmassi, SJ, a Jesuit from Eastern Africa Province, comes from Hekima College, Nairobi, where he lectures in Systematic Theology; he was also Rector of the Jesuit of the same community for the past three years.

Courses offered Spring 2013:

  • African Christian Theology: "African Christian Theology is now universally recognized as an academic discipline throughout the world. This course offers an overview of its history, nature, methods, content, and present state. It traces the reasons for its existence and shows the strides it has made so far fulfilling its purpose of helping African Christians to live out their faith in truly African and truly Christian way.  Thus, the course discusses also the major proponents and main themes of African Christian Theology. How does it approach Jesus Christ, the Church, moral and ethical issue and spirituality in general?" (Hekima Programme 2010-2011)


  • St. Augustine College of South Africa, Johannesburg, RSA: Conference on Philosophy/African Philosophy and the Future of Africa – 23-25 October 2007 (Paper: “The Role of a Public Intellectual in an African Context”)
  • Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, California, USA: Conference on Theology: Local Ecclesiologies in Dialogue (2009) (Paper: “Palaver: A Challenge for African Church Leadership”)
  • Jesuit School of Theology, Hekima College: Conference on the Second African Synod (2010) (Paper: “Scourge of Corruption: Transparency and Accountability as a Means to a Reconciled, Just and Peaceful Church and Society.”)
  • St. Augustine College of South Africa, Johannesburg, RSA: Conference on Secularism (2011) (Paper: “Secularism in the Face of African Traditional Religions.”)