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Interreligious Immersions

One distinctive way in which the Jesuit School of Theology engages in comparative theology, interreligious dialogue, and preparation for ministry in the 21st century is through an annual cycle of interreligious theological course-based immersions. These annual, for-credit courses are an important component of the JST curriculum. They are administered by the Director of Intercultural Initiatives in the Office of the Associate Academic Dean. For more information, contact Program Director Rob McChesney, S.J. at


Interreligious Theological Immersion – Elective

JST responds to the needs of the 21st century church and world by preparing interested students to go to the frontiers of religion and culture via academic course work and interreligious theological immersions. The immersion elective is scheduled around a three-year, repeating cycle, and includes opportunities for comparative studies, dialogue, religious experience, theological reflection and social action.

Any JST degree student may apply for this course, and the acceptance process is selective. A fall course is followed by a three-week, in-country immersion during the January Intersession.

Upcoming Immersion Opportunities

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