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Graduate Information for Commencement 2014

2014 Graduates:  The information for this May's commencement ceremony, to be held on May 24 at Zaytuna College, will be available soon.  Should you wish to see the approximate timeline of events, please see the memo below from last year's ceremony.  You should already have received information in your student e-mail from Lorna McKeown with required forms and instructions.  Please be sure to see her if you have any questions.


TO: Graduating Students Who Will Be Participating in the Commencement
FROM: Lorna McKeown
DATE: May 15, 2013
RE: Commencement Ceremony

The Graduation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, May 25, 2013, at 3:00 p.m.

Robe Pick up

The rental regalia should be here by Friday, May 17.  Natalie Terry will be signing out robes during the following hours – only – in Montmartre (the room next to Maria's office):

Monday May 20: 2:00-5:00 pm
Tuesday, May 21, 2:00-5:00 pm
Friday, May 24, 2:00-5:00 pm

Commencement:  Saturday, May 25, 2013

Before the Ceremony

  • Robing at JST:  Graduates will robe at JST (1735 Le Roy) and walk together to the church.  Please remember to bring the plastic bag in which the regalia were packaged.  This will facilitate the repackaging and return of the items to the rental company.
  • Arrival at JST – 2:15:  Please arrive by 2:15 with your academic regalia and plastic bags.  Graduates will be assembling on the front patio, outside of the Gesu Chapel, where you will don your regalia and be lined up in pairs, alphabetically in degree conferral order.*   
  • Departure – 2:35:  Graduates will leave JST together at approximately 2:35.
  • VALUABLES:  Please make arrangements for your valuables because we cannot guarantee their security during the ceremony.
  • Arrival at the venue:  For those of you who cannot arrive at JST in time for the 2:35 group departure time, please make sure you arrive at the Zaytuna College facility (on the corner next to Starr King) no later than 2:40, wearing your academic regalia
  • Final Assembly:  Beginning at approximately 2:40, we'll make the final adjustments to the line-up of graduates to accommodate those who have arrived late.  We hope to begin the procession right at 3:00 pm. 
*The degree order corresponds with the order in which degrees will be conferred:  MTS, MDiv (and MDiv/STB), ThM (non-STL); MA, MABL, Ph.D.; STL (& STL/ThM), and STD.

The Ceremony

  • Procession:  The graduating students will lead the procession. You will be followed by the JST faculty and then by the platform party.
  • Seating: We will designate sections of pews at the front of the auditorium for graduates and faculty members using signs and/or ribbons. Your guests and other attendees will be seated in the pews behind the faculty and graduates.  Printed instruction sheets will be available during robing. 
  • The graduates in the front of the procession will enter auditorium by the center doors and process down the center aisle to the first pew on the right in front of the stairs to dais.  Please fill each pew in the graduate section, beginning with the one farthest forward in the auditorium.

Order of Events

  • Opening Remarks:  JST-SCU Dean, Fr. Thomas Massaro, SJ, will begin with opening remarks, making announcements and introducing members of the platform party.
  • Invocation: Joan Denton will give the Invocation.
  • Welcomes: Following the Invocation, Thomas Massaro will introduce JST-SCU President, Fr. Michael Engh, SJ, who will greet the assembly.  GTU Dean Arthur Holder will also offer welcoming remarks. 
  • Alpha Sigma Nu: The JST-SCU President will announce the newly elected members of Alpha Sigma Nu and present their certificates and pins.
  • Commencement Address and Honorary Degrees:  An Honorary Doctor of Divinity will be bestowed on Sr. Dianne Bergant, CSA, who will give the commencement address.
  • Graduation: The diplomas will be given out following the commencement address.  
  • There will be three sets of conferrals:  the JST civil degrees, the GTU degrees, and the ecclesiastical degrees.  At the beginning of each section, the Dean will ask that group of graduates to stand for the degree conferral reading.  He will then ask you to be seated.
  • Then, he will ask the graduates of a particular degree to come forward when their names are called.  The graduates of that degree should stand and remain standing during the conferral of that degree.  Your names will be called out individually.  You should move to the center aisle and mount the stairs to the dais where you will receive your diploma cover from the JST-SCU President, and/or a representative of the GTU President for GTU degrees.  Please return to your seat by the side aisle. 
  • The standard order of conferral of degrees is M.T.S., M.Div., Th.M.; M.A., Ph.D.; S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D., alphabetically within each group.
  • Diplomas: You will be receiving only the diploma cover. The printed diploma will be mailed to you later, sometime after spring grades are posted – so be sure we have your forwarding address. 
  • IMPORTANT for M.A. graduates:  Those MA graduates who do not bring their own diplomas to the ceremony will receive borrowed black diploma covers.  Please be sure to return these to Natalie after the ceremony. All other graduates can keep the red JST diploma covers.
  • Graduate Remarks: Evelyn Wong Hsiu Lin, representing the Class of 2013, will address the assembly.
  • Benediction: Phillip Ganir, SJ will give the Benediction.
  • Recessional: After the benediction, the platform party and faculty will head the recessional from the auditorium, and you, the Graduates, will follow them out. Those students on the center aisle in the front row should follow right behind the last member of the faculty, leading the rest of the graduates.

After the Ceremony

  • When the commencement is over, please proceed immediately to the JST school building at 1735 Le Roy for the post-commencement reception.  We must vacate the facility shortly after ceremony.  Your family and friends can take pictures during the reception back at the school. 
  • Gown/Hood Drop-Off:  Robes should be turned in no later than 5:30 pm to Natalie Terry.  She will be waiting in a corner of Manresa during the reception, collecting graduates' robes and checking off names as items are returned.  For those of you who still have the plastic bags in your possession, it will help Natalie if you repackage your own cap, gown and hood before giving them to her.  We hope to return them to the rental company on Monday morning. 
  • MA students should return your diploma covers to Natalie as well.
  • The tassels are yours to keep!

After dropping off your robes, enjoy the party!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you well as you leave JST. Although I will probably not be able to say this to everyone individually, I want you to know that I will miss you all! Have a good summer.


Lorna Wallace McKeown
Assistant Academic Dean

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