Santa Clara University

Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Student IDs and Library Cards

GTU Student ID/Library Card

During orientation, you will have your photograph taken for your GTU student ID. The ID card will then be produced and ready within minutes. If you are unable to attend orientation, please contact the GTU Consortial Registrar's Office, or (510) 649-2462, to set up an appointment to have your photograph taken.

Your GTU student ID will serve as your GTU library card. Once you have received your ID card, it will need to be validated with a sticker indicating you are enrolled for the current semester. To get the validation sticker, you must first register for your courses. After you have registered, print a copy of your class schedule and take it to Lorna McKeown, JST’s Assistant Academic Dean and In-House Registrar, and she will give you the current semester’s sticker.

Once your card is validated, take it to the GTU library circulation desk to have it bar-coded. Your card must be bar-coded to use the GTU library, or to obtain a University of California, Berkeley library card. Your card must be validated at the beginning of every semester.

SCU Student ID/Library Card

During orientation, you will also have your photo taken for your SCU student ID (SCU ACCESS Card).  The card is printed at SCU and is available for pickup at JST within a few business days.  If you need to schedule an alternate time to have your picture taken for your ACCESS Card, contact Tere Gallarreta, or (510) 549-5017.

As an SCU student, your SCU student ID gives you access to the SCU library. Their Department of Archives & Special Collections houses the University Library's rare books and manuscript collections, the University Archives, and the California Jesuit Archives.

University of California, Berkeley Library Card

With a GTU library card, JST students can get a UCB library card free of charge, and have access to the top public research university library in the country, with over 10 million volumes. Once your GTU student ID has the current semester’s validation sticker, and you have had the card bar-coded by the GTU library, you can walk over to UCB’s Doe Library to get a library card that allows you to check out books from all of UCB’s several libraries. When you enter through the main entrance, take a left and walk to the circulation desk. They will be able to issue you a UCB library card for that semester. This card must be renewed every semester after your GTU library card has been validated.

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