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Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Centennial Celebration


We would like to invite you to attend any or all of the following lectures honoring the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

"Pedro Arrupe is a spiritual master in the line of John the Baptist... profoundly and passionately committed to Jesus Christ. Like John, he draws attention away from himself to Christ. He makes John's words his own: 'he must increase, I must decrease'. Just so, the point... is not to draw attention to Pedro Arrupe. Rather it calls us to look where Don Pedro is pointing, to see the world and the church as he saw them and, in everything, to see Jesus and hear his call."

--Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, S.J.
Superior General of the Society of Jesus
July 31, 2004

September 25:
"Pedro Arrupe's Mysticism of Open Eyes"

Kevin Burke, S.J., Academic Dean, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
Editor, Pedro Arrupe: Essential Writings (Orbis Books, Modern Spiritual Masters Series)
Download this paper here: with pictures (PDF: 2.4mb)
or without pictures (PDF: 112kb)

October 9:
"Hindu Avatara and Christian Incarnation: Interreligious Dialogue after Pedro Arrupe"

Noel Sheth, S.J., Professor and Former President
Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Pune, India
Author, The Divinity of Krishna
Download this paper here (PDF: 52kb)

November 14:
Don Pedro's 100th birthday

Pedro Arrupe: His Life and Legacy, West Coast premiere of this 40-minute documentary film, followed by two respondents, birthday cake and coffee.

December 4:
"Making Room at the Inn: the Jesuit Refugee Service -- Pedro Arrupe's Living Legacy"

Video Presentation of Posada (in English with Spanish subtitles)
Mark McGregor, S.J., Director, Producer and Writer
Bannan Fellow at Santa Clara University

Feb. 19:
"Ignatius and Arrupe"

Sr. Janet Ruffing, RSM, Professor in Spirituality & Spiritual Direction, Graduate School of Religion & Religious Education, Fordham University

All Events at 7:00 PM
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
1735 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

For updated and additional information, please contact Rob McChesney, SJ at (510) 549-5046 or

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