Interim Library FAQ

Will the available study area be able to accommodate as many students as the current library building?
The two main interim library facilities (modular structure and Nobili Hall) will have about 60% as much square footage allocated to student study areas as was in Orradre Library. This should mean students will be able to find study space at all but the busiest times, right around final exams. For the last week of each term, and during finals, additional study space will be available in Benson Memorial Center. Please check the Library's web site for details about availability and hours of those spaces.

There are also additional, smaller study areas that will be available in the Kennedy Mall Commons and in Casa Italiana.

The adequacy of the available study space will be continuously monitored during the interim period and additional spaces will be added if necessary.

Will it take more time to obtain research material during the period of interim services?
It will probably take somewhat longer to access many of the physical information resources provided by the Library during the interim period. Students should plan to begin work on assignments earlier than they might have in the past.
Will there be any delay in obtaining books through the Automated Retrieval System (ARS) during the interim service period?
Accessing materials contained in the ARS will be somewhat slower during the interim period than will be the case after the new library opens due to the greater volume of materials that must be retrieved and returned to the ARS. Materials will be paged from the ARS to the modular structure for circulation at least every 30 minutes between 8 am and midnight, or 30 minutes before closing. We do not expect the wait for materials will normally exceed 30 minutes.
How about access to periodicals and other research material that is not in book format?
Current periodicals will be on open shelves in the modular structure. Microform materials will be available in the modular structure with the same accessibility that they had in Orradre. Bound periodicals and most government documents are stored in the ARS and have the same access times as indicated above. Electronic resources, of course, will be accessible without delay.
How is the faculty prepared to assist students during the period of interim services?
Orradre Library staff and the Faculty Senate Council have been collaborating to prepare for the interim service period. All faculty will receive handouts indicating where different library materials may be accessed, and where various services will be offered. Posters will be placed in all classrooms describing the locations where interim services will be provided. Email to students will remind them of the availability of additional study spaces during the last week of class and finals week.
Will there be as many school computers available to students as there are now available in the library?
There will be fewer university-owned computers available in the interim facilities than were available in Orradre. To partially compensate, additional computers will be installed in the technology rooms in Sobrato Hall and Casa Italiana, the computers in the training/instruction rooms in the modular structure and Nobili Hall will be available to students when the rooms are not being used for instruction, and additional computers will be installed in the Kenna 101 computer lab. The interim facilities will have more power outlets and wired network jacks than were available in Orradre. They will also offer wireless networking throughout. This will make use of student-owned notebook computers more effective than was the case in Orradre.
Will the university provide shuttle service to the San José State University library or other off-campus facilities during the interim period?
The SJSU library is not able to accommodate large numbers of Santa Clara students for the entire two year construction period, which makes it impossible for SCU to create a formal program to shuttle students to and from that library. Students may, of course, visit that library as individuals, and VTA bus 22 runs from directly across from the main campus entrance to one block north of the SJSU library. Santa Clara students do have borrowing privileges at the SJSU library through the LINK+ program, either in person or by courier delivery.
When is the new library expected to be fully open and available to students?
The new library is scheduled to be fully available in September 2008.
What steps have been taken to deal with any construction delays if they were to occur?
The current construction schedule actually shows building occupancy in June 2008. This allows three additional months to populate the open shelves with print materials from the ARS and, of course, provides a three-month cushion against schedule slippage. The greatest danger of slippage is during the period of excavation and laying the foundation, which is scheduled to be completed in December 2006. The building is expected to be watertight by May 2007, after which weather will not affect the construction schedule and it will be possible to make up any slippage by extending work hours.

Location of Interim Library Spaces

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