Priority 4: Cultivate dynamic learning environments

The University's "library for the 21st century" advances learning and research trends in both the physical and virtual environments. The library will adapt our environments to provide expanded and inviting spaces for individual study, collaborative work, and access to an increasing range of academic support services in technology-rich settings.

Goal 1: Adapt our physical spaces to meet the changing needs of our communities
  • Objective 1: Partner with IT and Media Services to reconfigure the first floor to allow more space for collaborative learning and to increase student engagement with the library
  • Objective 2: Expand the work area in Archives & Special Collections, to accommodate the space needs of digital initiatives, the California Jesuit Province, and new staff
Goal 2: Increase the number of campus academic support services available in the Learning Commons
  • Objective 1: Invite the Writing Center to provide services in the Learning Commons.
Goal 3: Increase virtual self-serve research assistance options for our user communities
  • Objective 1: Offer online learning modules via the library webpages