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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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  •  The Pebble in the Pond

    Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

    Having committed our daughter to the care and education of Santa Clara, we hoped and prayed for the best in the few short years to come. Little did we know how well this adventure would turn out...and it's still ongoing, still happening, every day! The old truth about how a teacher affects the lives of students rings true...again The pebble in the pond. The life, his obvious loving of it, of all who came within his knowing, smiling eye-even as he left us, brings to heart and mind the old Irishism, " I didn't know him well enough long enough." God shows us how much He loves us when He sends so splendid a man into our lives . For Paul's family, classmates and fellow Jesuits, friends and faculty-we've all been very lucky.

  •  Father Locatelli's death

    Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

    I had faith and hope: faith in Santa Clara University and hope that my child would receive a traditional catholic education. Both were shattered when my child graduated. Sadly I was then unaware of the existence of the Cardinal Newman Society that I now support. Otherwise I would have never sent my daughter to Santa Clara University. But I came to realize that Santa Clara is only catholic by name! I felt cheated and so disapointed (and ripped off). As a single parent it was a huge effort for me to pay for her tuition. I make Father Locatelly fully responsible for this, and for the sad situation the University finds itself now in. How can a University that names itself catholic permit drag shows, amongst other things? Is the University the typical example of the wolves dressed in sheep clothes? Are you still in time to back up? Do you realize how vital it is for the youth you are responsible for to be taught in the strict catholic tradition? Sadly, Father Locatelli will only now be aware of his errors. I am now praying for the University, praying for the youth in this country who are so needy of guidance, praying for parents that they can open their eyes in time, and praying for our Holy Father who has blessed the Church with his intelligence and his humility, that our Lord give him strength to continue his job of maintaining the Catholic tradition through his apostolic succession. I hope my e-mail helps the future of Santa Clara University. God have pity on us all, Penelope.

  •  My Memries of Father Locatelli

    Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

    My sincere sympathies to Fr. Locatelli's family and the Jesuit Community on his passing. I had the opportunity to work with Fr. Locatelli as undersecretary and assistant secretary for higher education under Governor Davis. I always enjoyed my talks with Father. He was always supportive and provided excellent advice about any challenge I was facing. As a Jesuit graduate (LMU), we shared many of the same values and interest. I will miss Fr. Locatelli's warm smile of encouragement and our talks. Peace. I look to seeing you in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  •  Memories

    Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

    I only went to Santa Clara my senior year ('76) and, as I was a business major, had accounting each quarter. Because of my short time there, I only remember two teachers, one of them Fr. Locatelli. He stands out so clearly in my mind; such a great sense of humor, compassion and ability to relate to students immediately and with warmth. He was the reason I was going to major in accounting (I didn't, as I decided to follow my passion of dance). It's interesting that I received the SCU magazine, as I never have before. For me, it is fitting that it arrived today. Tomorrow is the eve of Yom Kippur, a holy day for my religion. During the memorial service, I will pay my respects to this wonderful man and give thanks that I, in my short time at SCU, had the privilege of being his student so often. Sandy Shankman Prouty

  •  Happy Birthday

    Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

    Here it is your birthday and we will celebrate without you. We, your family, will have dinner together tonight and celebrate your life. There will be tears and there will be laughs and remembrances. Our pain of losing you is still so fresh. I know it willl soften over time but for now, our hearts ache. We know you still watch over us. You have proven that already. You are still in charge of things. Thanks for loving us and always being there for us. We miss you.

  •  Ahh... Paul, Why did you have to leave us? Why did you have to die?

    Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

    Ahh...Paul! Why did you have to leave us? Why did you have to die? Hearing the sad news today has put me in mind of the aching Irish melancholy felt all over Ireland after the murder by Cromwell's agents of the beloved Irish Chieftain, Owen Roe O'Neill: "Sagest in the council was he, kindest in the Hall: Sure we never won a battle - 'twas Owen won them all. Soft as woman's was your voice, O'Neill, bright was your eye. Oh! why did you leave us, Owen? Why did you die Your troubles are all over, you're at rest with God on high: But we're slaves, and we're orphans, Owen! - why did you die? We're sheep without a shepherd, when the snow shuts out the sky - Oh! why did you leave us, Owen? Why did you die?" Rest in peace my good and gentle priest and thank you for oh so much!

  •  Convenience Store Cashier

    Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

    I remember how personable Fr. Locatelli was. Every so often he would man the register on certain evenings, at the convenience store in downstairs Benson. I think it was called "Down Under." Back then I was easily intimidated meeting someone of his authority in such a casual environment. Yet he was surprisingly approachable... Years later I saw him again at a conference, and again he was inspiring as a mentor and yet very easy to talk to as a peer. He even remembered me. I feel blessed to have met him, and thankful for all he did to shape the school that shaped my life. The world is a better place for the leadership he gave to all associated with the Santa Clara community. In a planet full of people, one person is merely a drop of water into the vast sea, yet Fr. Locatelli's drop of water made a measurable difference in elevating the quality of the world's "oceans." He will be missed, but can never be forgotten. His legacy will live on in the lives of all those who go after him.

  •  Paul Locatelli, S.J.

    Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

    Dear Father Locatelli,

    I know you will hear me, and I need you to know how gratetful I am for the time you took to help me each and every instance I would knock at your door. Me, just an odd and obscure alumni of Santa Clara University from what are now the "olden days." I was never turned away. You were there to help me in advising me through the admissions process of my son into Santa Clara, even when you knew that ultimately he would choose another school. You were there for me when my Swig Hall room mate, and a former employee of the university was so terribly ill to inquire about his progress, and to comfort the ones keeping vigil for him. It is true all that they say about you Father Paul, that you touched so many lives, even in the most gentle and most subtle ways of reaching out, you never ignored any of us. None of us were too low for you to speak to, or to be bothered by. It is with a great heart felt loss that I say good bye to you, as there is no finer example of what a Santa Clara educator could be, no better representative of the Society of Jesus, of the Catholic faith, of a human being, of a man, and yes, perhaps most importantly of all, a friend to a man like me whom you would never even know. God rest your soul Father Locatelli. Your good work here is done, and our Lord has called you home to heaven. You are missed.

    With deepest respect,

    Jeffery A. Record B.A.,

    Philosophy, Santa Clara University 1976

  •  Thank You, Paul

    Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

    As I sat at Paul's funeral, I wondered if anyone present had not been touched in some personal way by Fr Paul Locatelli. My story..when I was in the MBA program, one of my accounting professors suggested that I might want to drop out of the program because it was very doubtful that anyone would hire me in the accounting profession as a women of 35. I dropped out of the program. The next day I felt lost...all of my goals were gone. The follwing day I called Paul and explained that I had made a terrible mistake. He listened and kindly said 'don't worry about a thing, just plan to go back to classes tomorrow". Paul was able to see beyond rules and formalities...he had me back in the program the following day. I graduated with an MBA, got my CPA certificate and still have a CPA practice today at age 67. Thank you, Paul!!


    Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010

    The first letter that I wrote you was to congratulate you on becoming the President of Santa Clara University. Through the years I have written you many letter telling you how great I felt that the University was doing because of your outstanding leadership. After the new Avenue was put in my daughter, an alum, said to me Mom it really looks like a Major Univeristy now. You and I have always known that. To be an acqaintance of yours and a letter writing friend had been a pleasure for me. You were a kind, compassionate man who took time with everyone - students, faculty, donors, ordinary people. You brought this university into the future with your brilliant leadership. Thank you. You will be missed.