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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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  •  Remembering Paul Locatelli

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I remember Paul as a much admired colleague and friend in the Jesuit university world. In particular, he was very generous with his time for meetings of Jesuit university administrators in East Asia and Oceania and we profited much from his experience and wisdom. He was always a most welcoming friend on my visits to Santa Clara. We all remember his great leadership for the Jesuit universities meeting in Mexico city just this april. It is almost as if this was his grand farewell. We will miss you Paul and remember you with deep gratitude and much affection. Ben

  •  Thank You Father Loc

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    Father Loc meant a great deal to me. He was our Albus Dumbledore, our hero, our friend in need. He helped me with my scholarships and always supported the dancers and musicians personally. He treated all of us students as friends. He told me he truly loved my Gallery piece - at a time I really needed to hear it. We wouldn't even have such a stellar dance facility if it wasn't for him. He was someone I truly admired and his words still inspire me today.

  •  Remember him running?

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I got to know Paul as a freshman and spent the next 4 years enjoying getting my chops busted on a regular basis. Paul's intelligence and kindness are well known and appreciated. I found him to be one of the most stimulating conversationalists I've ever encountered. I cherish my memories of laughing at his wit and appreciating his cooking. All the mid-eighties Jesuits in that house cared deeply about the young people they were helping to grow, but Paul was the one who stepped up to give ALL of himself for the next 20+ years. His passing will be a part of our 25th Reunion Celebration. God bless every person who got a chance to experience the beauty of our world by crossing paths with Paul Locatelli.

  •  A Truly Compassionate Person

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    Perhaps what saddens me most about Father Locatelli's death is that I never thanked him for his generosity toward me. When I started my undergraduate education at Santa Clara in 2005, my family and I did not have enough money to pay the tuition. On a whim, I wrote to Father Locatelli and asked him if he could help me. He wasted no time in directing financial aid to add a very generous scholarship to my financial aid account for all four years. A few months ago, I decided to find Father Locatelli's contact information to thank him and to let him know that I had not wasted his gift, but I never found his email address. I thought it appropriate to share with everyone reading this memory book what he had done for me, as I could not tell him personally. His kindness, compassion, and friendly greetings around campus will not be forgotten.

  •  Precious Father Paul

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I felt a genuine love of humanity from Father Locatelli during each and every time that I interacted with him. Even within a cast of hundreds, Father Paul was able to make me feel as if there wasn't another soul in the room. Father Paul's first inkling of support from Lorry Lokey (my mom's partner) occurred during the dinner session of "A Golden Circle Party" in the early 90's. I suppose you could look back and say that I brokered the first deal between Lorry and Father Locatelli. Earlier in the evening, Lorry mentioned to me (along with Lorry imbibing a couple of glasses of wine) that he would like to match the "net proceeds" of that evening, "The Golden Circle Party." Within a few minutes, I was able to sequester Father Locatelli to our family table. I explained the offer and Father Paul looked a little surprised to have this unusual gift from a man named Lorry that Father Paul barely knew at the time. Well, the rest is indeed history. Within a relatively short time, Lorry and Father Paul were brokering many deals which ultimately led to the phenomenal transformation of the university. Thank you Father Paul for defining a true Jesuit with incredible integrity, insight, and the fortitude (along with unwavering ability) to guide the university (Pre-Locatelli Era) into "A BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE." I know with certainty that future generations will benefit from Father Locatelli's tireless efforts to transcend all boundaries and create a phenomenal university named Santa Clara University. Finally, I should pay a little tribute to my mom, Joanne Harrington, who led Lorry Lokey to Santa Cllara University as a Board of Fellows member. Mom, I salute you for being unselfish and inspiring Lorry to give freely to Santa Clara University. With God's blessings, we are most certainly in a better place because of Our Precious Father at the helm, Father Paul Locatelli.

  •  Approachable and Engaging

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I knew Fr. Locatelli from serving with him on the discipline board when I was a senior at Santa Clara (he was not yet president). I also had the chance to chat with him many times at alumni gatherings when he visited Seattle (where I now live). He was always kind, accessable and engaging when we spoke, and that alone is noteworthy. But the one conversation that I remember most was the one I didn't have with him. I was at an alumni gathering and had introduced Fr. Locatelli to the son of a friend of mine who was a high school senior considering where to attend college. After the introduction I stood back and watched the wonderful engagement Fr. Locatelli had with this young man. Here he was the president of a university having an honest, relaxed conversation with an 18 year old. Needless to say, my friend's son chose Santa Clara and is now an alumn himself.

  •  A leader in internationalizing SCU

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I was privileged to be a student at Santa Clara University and study abroad in Italy in 1999, and then work for SCU for 5 years in the Office of International Programs. I loudly echo what Mary Dwyer from IES (one of the organizations that SCU uses to send students abroad) writes below: Father Locatelli was always an incredible supporter of international education, and I am very grateful for that. Whether it was his unflagging commitment to unique social justice programs like the Casa de la Solidaridad program in El Salvador, serving on international boards like the IES, or simply being a strong and consistent voice for the importance of a truly global education for every student, he was unwavering. As SCU's rates of students going abroad continues to climb, thousands of students can thank Paul for what he did to bolster our department and the work of my colleagues in encouraging every student to consider going abroad. The whole world has been opened to so many students, in part because of his policy stance on this issue, and I am really grateful. Paul was a good man with a generous heart and a wonderful laugh. Santa Clara will miss him.

  •  Memory

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I was a member of the international Commission for higher education of the Society with Paul Locatelli for three years from 1994 to 1997 and we had met for annual meets. The last I met him was in Mexico at the higher education meet. Paul inspired. He was genuine and tried to understand. One could not miss his presence. The recent meet at Mexico was minutely prepared with collaboration from many. The Society of Jesus surely miss a visionary and a sensitive Jesuit. He was concerned. Thanks Paul for all that you have been and I am sure there is a bigger thank you the Lord will say to you. You will continue to inspire with what you have been and what you have done. Think of all us from there and ask the Lord for His blessings on our work of higher education Ambrose Pinto SJ Principal St. Joseph's College Bangalore, India

  •  Fr. Locatelli's wisdom

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    As a member of the class of '92, I was a bright-eyed freshman when Fr. Locatelli took over as president. To celebrate Fr. Locatell's new position, the school was going to hold a huge event. I thought I would write Fr. Locatelli to complain about all the money being spent. He wrote back a very thoughtful letter explaining that we were celebrating Santa Clara University, not him, and that it is always a good thing to celebrate our community. He had the long term view in mind right from the beginning-- building the SCU community can result in many beautiful things. I last saw Fr. Locatelli at a mass he celebrated in Washington DC about two years ago. We love you and will miss you. Thank you for your service, example, and for building the SCU community.

  •  Thank you Fr. Locatell

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I remember hearing Fr. Locatelli's name as a freshman, and being amazed at how often and how easy it was to run into him on campus. He was always friendly and interested in others. He never put on airs or acted important, so it took me a while to realize just how important he really was. As I drank deeply of the formation that Santa Clara offered and reveled in the opportunity to integrate fully my faith life with my intellectual life and professional aspirations, I realized more and more how necessary it was to have someone guiding the formation of a university so that it could be structured, as an institution, to respond in a congruent way to the needs of the community and the world. Creating this legacy was Fr. Locatelli's gift to us as students as well as to the greater society, and from a student's perspective, his work was so far beyond what I was focused on that it took me years to understand it. But it was part of the special formation that Fr. Locatelli helped to create that I did finally come to understand his role and its importance, and the way it shaped my own life. I hope I can in some way follow his example, and help to leave the world a better place. How grateful I am to have known him, even a little bit. When my husband and I visited Santa Clara four or five years ago, we happened to meet Fr. Locatelli on the steps of the Mission Church. I could not believe that he remembered me, and I introduced my husband. As we walked away, my husband asked "Did we really just meet the President?" Fr. Locatelli's humility, ease and humor were some of the most wonderful things about him. I thank God for his life and spirit, and for the great gift that we were able to coincide with him as students at Santa Clara.