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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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  •  Compassion was his way of life

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    I first met Father Locatelli in Washington D.C. when I was an intern for Congressman Mineta (summer of 1988). Although I saw him around campus on occassion, the next time I talked with him was when I started law school at SCU in 1990. I was floored when he walked next to me on my way to my first class. He not only remembered by name, but he remembered how and when we met. In October of 1997, my mother (Sadie Conway) passed away. As an immigrant to the U.S., she had endured more than her fair share of difficulties. She and my father (Henry Conway) were very proud of the fact that they were able to send their two children to Santa Clara. My sister and I were the first ones in our family to attend college, so my parents were very proud. Since my mom felt so connected to Santa Clara, I wanted to hold her funeral service at the Mission Church. Unfortunately, the rules prevented that from happening. It had only been a couple of days since she passed away, so I was still quite emotional. I walked into Father Locatelli's office (without an appointment) and asked to see him. I explained to his receptionist the reason for my visit. Without hesitation, he came out and welcomed me and my sister (Sharon Conway Wible) into his office. He talked with me about my mom and offered many words of wisdom and comfort. Needless to say, he made an exception and allowed the funeral mass to take place at the Mission Church. It was the most beautiful service I've ever attended and it did justice to my mom's legacy. I can honestly say that I've never personally experienced so much compassion at one of the worst moments in my life. God Bless you Father will be missed dearly.

  •  An Amazing Presence

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    Paul's smile is what I remember best. Even when he was serious, the smile would break through and there would be some remark to humanize the moment. Many family recollections of Paul: the funeral Mass for my mother, our daughter's graduations from SCU, dinner at our house, when he remarked this his SCU children never got older than 22 and that he was always raising teens and early twenties kids! He took the job personally and to heart. His unfailing committment to SCU and to higher education. His rigor and his honesty. His example and his smile remain. RIP. Adele

  •  Our number one soccer fan

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    As a former women's soccer player I was extremely grateful for Father Locatelli's support and contributions. We had the pleasure of spending time with Father Locatelli at various dinners, and in Washington D.C. when we went to meet the other President. He was a very kind and wonderful man and he will surely be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

  •  Law School

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    My fondest, and funniest, memory of Father Locatelli came at my law school graduation mass. All the graduates were gathered in the mission church for the sermon and after it was delivered, Father Locatelli proceeded to walk amongst the crowd of new graduates dipping a palm frond into holy water and lightly sprinkling it amongst the students as a blessing. I emphasize "lightly" because when he got to me, he dipped that palm frond into the holy water at least three times and gave me a healthy dousing. Upon seeing this, some of my fellow graduates remarked that he must know me given the liberal application of holy water to which Father Locatelli just laughed and commented "it couldn't hurt." His kindness and dedication to the Santa Clara University family will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

  •  Father Locatelli first years at SCU

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    In 1974, my sophomore year, I was privileged to began my Accounting I class with a new professor on campus who introduced himself as Father Locatelli. At the time, he seemed just a few years older than most of his students. His at ease of style, his humor, his sincere caring for each student matched his world experience and grasp of the subject. I clearly remember how he endeared himself to his students by making sure they understood the concepts of each subject matter before moving on. He made sure that students knew he was always available outside of class if needed. He introduced us to topic such as 'ethics' long before they appeared in our accounting books. I was fortunate to follow this course up with Intermediate Accounting also with Father Locatelli and enjoyed a similar education experience. Outside of the classroom, it was not unusual to see Father Locatelli attending and participating in a student event whether it be a student rally, a sporting event or a speaker on campus. He was actively involved! I will always remember walking across the campus, passing by Father Locatelli, and receiving a friendly smile and passing hello. After graduating, I followed his career advancement and knew that he practiced the same core principals that he taught and practiced as a professor. We will all dearly miss this wonderful man that the heavens blessed this world with. Bob Allen BSC 1977

  •  Papa Loc

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    Paul, It has been a blessing and a privilege to have the opportunity to know you beyond the scope of your public persona. You are indeed a good man with an open heart and solid sense of humor. You have helped construct Santa Clara just so and I have benefitted from it in profound ways. As an undergraduate, as a former Resident Minister, as the Assistant to the Rector of the Jesuit Community, and as a Graduate student, Santa Clara has in fact shaped my adult self. While the “3 C’s” were part marketing move, part mission statement, you indeed lived them daily and authentically. Thank you for your contribution to Santa Clara, its community, and consequently my life and worldview. With Confidence, Conscience, and Compassion, may you rest peacefully in the Lord. ... I suppose competence and confidence are two very different things of which you lived both daily and authentically. Always a Student, Aaron Uchikura

  •  Sad and Grateful

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    Reading through these memories of classmates, friends and colleagues, I am struck by the obvious way that Fr Locatelli grew in his job as president of Santa Clara. And as he grew in this position, he grew the institution he was leading. I was in the class in which Father Paul started his tenure. He used to speak about that in reference to the class of 1992, a point of commonality between us. This was long before the emergence of "Papa Loc." That would come later. Of course, back then, we couldn't yet see his legacy. We couldn't see all that he would do for SCU in the years ahead in brick and mortar, in vision, and in mission. We couldn't see the tough choices he would have to make. We couldn't see the legacy he would leave for all future presidents to emulate. Living far away from Santa Clara after graduation, I always relished those rare times when I could attend an alumni event and hear about all that was happening on campus. I looked forward to hearing Father reassure us that even though admissions standards had become more selective, we would all still be accepted. (I never believed this.) Now more than twenty years later, we can see the things he accomplished and be thankful for his life and legacy. It was a life lived in full and for others and I am challenged by his witness to go and do likewise. May his memory be eternal.

  •  Meeting Father Locatelli

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    as a parent of an SCU sophmore form Philadelphia in Jan '02 - i met Father at a basketball game on campus - introduced myself and said I was returning my daughter for the Jan Quarter and that our family had been deeply affected by the 9/11 situation - he was so kind and gracious - "if I didn't have a place to stay - he would put me on campus -if I needed an office I could use his" this guy was the real deal .. later I ran into him on campus a couple of times in the next few years and he was most kind and interested. i am just happy to know that i thanked him when i had a chance... jack mcgowan parent of Sheila McGowan '04

  •  Your legacy continues

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    I remember very fondly of your leadership during my 6 six years at SCU ('93, MBA '95), and so do my younger siblings and cousin who graduated from SCU shortly after me... making our combined tenure of 18 years rivaling Father Locatelli at the university... wow! What we have learned and continually to strive for in excellence in our professional, personal and spiritual lives will never rival the example that you set forth in your compassion and dedication to integrated education. Your ministry and vision was truly a gift to myself and to my family.

  •  Condolences to Fr Locatelli's family and to the Jesuits

    Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

    I send my heartfelt condolences to Fr Locatelli’s family and to the Jesuits. I would have expected Fr Locatelli to live to be 100, since I always would see him doing his run in the morning. I guess God has other plans and his new assignment is to be next to Him. I never had a full conversation with Fr Locatelli, but he always would smile and say hello to me. I was a SCU student, worked as a receptionist at Nobili Hall and have lived in Santa Clara for a number of years, so there were many times we crossed paths and said hello. I admire his dedication to service and I am so thankful to him and to all the Jesuits. You have influenced for the better my life professionally as well as personally.