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  •  That wonderful Smile

    Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

    While my short saying got into the other Guest Book, I do want to say a few words about mine and my wife Gigi's wonderful relationship with Father Paul. While I can't claim a close relationship, we had the privilege to chat with him at Presidents Circle and other gatherings throughout the years. Our student days overlapped, but we did not meet then. My wife and I lived in , what I called, Fertility Village. I don't think Father Paul would have allowed sheet metal barracks on campus in later years. At one of the more recent meetings, he found my 1950 Bronco Jacket interesting with the bucking Bronco on the back (I had 4 years US Navy between Sophomore and Junior years). My treasure is that picture of Father Paul and myself plus his cardboard effigy. That wonderful smile! I believe one of the brothers has a copy. As so many of the eulogists indicated, he is now, no doubt, busy up there making the path to where he is easier for the rest of us. I have been telling my wife, whom I lost last year, to keep a sharp lookout for Father Paul. A great man in every possible way. Thank God!

  •  A global visionary

    Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

    I was about to celebrate an early morning mass with the Jesuit novices in Dili, East Timor when news came through of Paul’s death. How appropriate it was to be commemorating his life, his achievements and his very self there in one of the poorest countries in the world, with a group of young people being formed and educated in a faith that does justice. I received the news just a few feet away from the graves of two Jesuits massacred during the 1999 uprising in East Timor. Tonight I have discovered the funeral mass on the Internet and prayed belatedly with you all there in the mission gardens. Thanks to Michael McCarthy for the wonderful homily and to all who contributed to such a celebratory liturgy. No doubt much of the technology permitting such access was invented in Silicon Valley. I was privileged to use Paul’s room when there at Santa Clara for a couple of months – so generous was he in sharing all he had. In recent years, we met annually in Rome for the intellectual and tertiary apostolate meeting. Rome was a difficult appointment for him, given not only his love for Santa Clara but also his passion to be on the ground mixing daily with students, faculty and staff. A man of simple faith with a passion for justice, he was not much interested in the pomp, circumstance and clerical hierarchy of Rome. But he got on, practically doing the job at hand, never complaining even though by last October he was having to take breaks, lying on the floor during our meeting at the Jesuit Curia. The Mexico conference was the fulfillment of so much he dreamed of for Jesuit higher education, and yet it was just a beginning – a very bold beginning which could be ushered in only by one of Paul’s experience, passion, groundedness, romanticism and global vision. He was a wonderful Jesuit friend – a deft mentor, a warm encourager, and a no-nonsense director. Thanks to all of you at Santa Clara who were not only shaped by him; you gave him vision and purpose. I daresay you received many requests for service of the mission from him similar to the one I received just before the Mexico conference commenced: “Here is my request... in anticipation of your saying yes, thank you.” I daresay that is the way God asked him always, and to the end. Be assured that Paul is missed as a loving brother even down under here in Australia, and he will continue to inspire Jesuits and our apostolic partners throughout the world. May he rest in peace, and may we not rest until we too have spent our all in the pursuit of the vision of an educated, just world reflecting God’s love for a

  •  He shaped each of our lives

    Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

    Paul's creative leadership will be deeply missed by Santa Clara University, by the global network of Jesuit universities, and by his legion of friends and acquaintances. In his extraordinary career of leadership with compassion, he touched and shaped so many of our lives. All of us at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics are here because of Paul's vision and his persistence in enacting that vision. He saw the potential for three Centers of Distinction emphasizing the University's core values, and then set about making them happen. Trustee Jerry Cavanagh, SJ, and I had a 6:30 am Saturday breakfast with Paul (after his daily run) in the Jesuit residence a dozen times in the 1990s. As for so many others, I resisted for a time but finally in 2001 said I really do want to work with this guy and joined as the Ethics Center's director! Best decision I ever made.

  •  Father Paul

    Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

    To Father Paul Locatelli's family and his Jesuit Family we offer our sincere sympathys. We got to know Father Paul through my brother -in-law who also was a Jesuit in Rome. Father Paul and Father Jérome Gagnier became very good and close friends and Father Paul was our main contact when Jérôme became ill in Rome. He also introduced Jérôme to Skype and that was our way of seeing and talking to them both. He also got a cell phone for him so we were able to keep in touch with him during his illness, Father Jérôme passed away Aug.16-2008 and when we had our memorial mass here in Stoney-Point,Ontario ,Father Paul came as a very good friend and to represent the Jesuits from Rome.He spend the week-end with us and it was easy to see why the two of them connected so well.Since that time we had been in contact with him at least once a month and since we had not been able to reah him in the last 2 months I figured he was on one of his many travels.. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this little remembrance after I learned last night from another Canadian Jesuit of his passing away.I do know that he is in a much better place and enjoying being with his parents and Father Jérôme. Father Paul REST IN PEACE. You Canadian friends, Pauline and Jean-Paul Gagnier

  •  In Remembrance

    Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

    In the years that I attended SCU, I never met Father Locatelli face to face. I did, however, feel the effects of his leadership in the University and its students. As president he cultivated a community of scholars who would become active participants in our global neighborhoods. As spiritual leader, he promoted the overall sense of openness and welcoming atmosphere I felt every time I walked onto campus. Though saddened to hear of his passing, I know that Father Locatelli left a lasting impression not only at SCU, but on me. He was a mover and a shaker in Silicon Valley and I feel blessed to have been a student under his leadership.

  •  Message from Jon Sobrino, SJ, El Salvador

    Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

    To Paul's family, brothers, nephews and nieces, and the Jesuits of the Santa Clara community I write a few words about Paul which bring peace, hope and joy to me. Paul was a good friend of mine, and of many other people. In November 1989, after the killing of the Jesuits, he opened to me the doors of Santa Clara. Every evening, around nine, he would come to my room to invite me to a glass of sherry. I called it "sherry at nine." We talked about a lot of things I will never forget. He soon made me feel a member of his family -- his mother and aunt Lina, his brothers, nephews and nieces. With all of them I felt really at home. He always spoke as a friend to me, conveying trust, friendship and freedom. He came several times to El Salvador and enjoyed being close to the people. He was compassionate with them, and critical of those – whether in civil society or in the Church -- who rejected them or simply did not understand them. Paul was a very good man. Remembering those things makes me happy and brings me a little bit closer to God. Jon Sobrino

  •  My first lunch with the President

    Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

    I remember walking to the Faculty Club for lunch with another Business School professor (Steve Nahmias) shortly after Paul Locatelli became President of Santa Clara. Paul saw us and said “why don’t you come and have lunch with me?” So we walked with him to Nobili Hall. I don’t remember the details of the lunch conversation, but I do remember being impressed by how direct and open Paul was about a variety of university issues, and how willing he was to listen to our points of view. At the end of the lunch, Paul insisted on clearly all our dishes and cleaning them himself. He just said “that’s the way we do things here.” I remember thinking “how many universities are there where a lunch like this would happen?” In twenty years as SCU President, his directness and warm informality never changed. When I see his face on all the postings across campus, I am reminded of how much we will miss him.

  •  Fr Paul

    Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

    We had the enoromous pleasure of having Fr. Paul stay with us when he came to visit Ireland in 2009 with hs good friend and our uncle. He stayed for a week with us and I can safely say he was a guest in a million and we so looked forward to seeing him again. His friendship, wit, conversation and his cooking skills were all special. It is no surprise that he was loved so much and will be missed so much. We were so shocked to learn that he, this very fit and otherwise healthy man, had died. We consider ourselves very, very lucky to have had the joy of knowing him.

  •  Thanks Paul, Ciao

    Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

    This has been a sad and difficult week. My (our) friend Paul Locatelli passed away on Monday, July 12 and was laid to rest on Saturday. We all knew his illness had progressed very rapidly, and he was going to be called to Heaven much too soon. But I like so many others, wasn't prepared when it happened so quickly. So many accolades have been said, so many memories have been shared, so many things go unsaid. How do you express the gratitude, admiration and love you felt both for and from Paul. I have struggled with this dilemma all week. Then I remembered a situation from my mother's funeral. One of my brothers (I have several) said with a sense of awe "I always thought mom loved me best, I never knew each of you felt the same way." And this week I realized that was the impact Paul had on so many people, we all thought he loved us best. At the funeral I told the story to Lynne (Paul's niece), and she responded "he did". Thank you Paul, we all (your family, brother Jesuits and your friends) loved you best. We will miss you terribly, but always be terribly grateful for having known you.

  •  1 of your biggest FANS

    Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

    I have a Goodbye letter of my very own to share with those who also loved Father Locatelli. This email post below was in response to Paul’s original email that he was “stepping down as President of Santa Clara University” back in 2008. I continue to miss Father Locatelli & also know his presence will continue to be felt wherever we are walking here on our lovely SCU grounds. 3/14/2008 Dear Father Locatelli, As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I feel compelled to reply to you directly, which I have never done before today. Please know how excited, happy, & proud of you we all are! To be selected & pressed for service to the task of "fostering cooperation in the quest for excellence among Jesuits and their colleagues" etc, is a considerable calling indeed. One that another might have thought daunting or overwhelming. But as I understand who you are "from a distance", & have seen you head straight into Campus challenges to deal with them & overcome, I am confident you will be given God's grace when your strength is low, & the perfect words to say when you are at a loss. I want to congratulate you, but also say, you will be greatly missed. Of course I will keep you in my prayers & hope to hear from time to time how you are doing via a Campus posting in future when you move full time into your new life. Change is hard sometimes, but also a good thing, for new beginnings refresh us, keep us humble, & turn our eyes to the Lord for each new step. That is a good thing. ;) Although I am not Catholic, I have found love, joy, & a passion for excellence here on the SCU Campus I had not experienced much in any of my past Employers: Stanford, ASU, etc. Well, I better head on home for now... & begin dealing with letting go of the "BEST CAMPUS PRESIDENT" I have ever seen in my lifetime! May God continue to bless you abundantly "Mr. President" Locatelli. Sincerely, Mary Sue Crawford