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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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  •  Desde Mexico

    Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

    Gracias Paul, En nombre de Monseñor Samuel Ruiz, obispo emerito de San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, en nombre de nuestros pueblos latinoamericanos, en nombre de los refugiados a quienes ayudaste en Casa Rutilio Grande, en nombre de nuestros migrantes que contigo encontraron compasion y misericordia... ¡gracias! Martin Hernandez

  •  All the best...

    Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

    I first met Fr. Locatelli as a freshman in the Fall of 1993 when he said Mass at Swig Hall where I was a freshman at Santa Clara University. From the time that I first met him until the moment he left us, his warmth, affection and love of live was present upon everyone that he met. For those that he encountered, his joie de vivre could always be felt. We must always remembered the way he lived and the passion he had for life. ALL of us are fortunate to have someone as wonderful as Fr. Locatelli looking upon us from up above.

  •  A Contemplative in Action

    Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

    I first met Paul the night I entered the Jesuit novitiate in Los Gatos in 1963. Paul was a second year novice and at that time held the office of Beadle--middle management, the first among equals. We were all gathered under one of the outdoor porticos after dinner, talking and meeting each other--when Brother Locatelli clapped his hands twice, and utter silence descended. The remembered power of that silence reflects for me the inner core of strength, wisdom, and grace I always admired in Paul. I remember a graced conversation we had once while driving to Santa Clara when he was working on his doctorate. Long after I left the Jesuits in 1974, I was privileged to meet Paul occasionally when Julie (class of '70) and I visited our son Hank (class of '98). That inner core of strength, wisdom, and warmth would always shine through.

  •  The Peace of God

    Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

    Dear Fr. Locatelli, I have always appreciated your welcome, your smile, your sincere happiness in seeing me when you were on campus. And although I was not a student during your time of presidency, I thank you for all you have done for Santa Clara University. Your spirit will live on in the hearts of the many, many people whose lives you touched. May the peace of God be with you, Fr. Locatelli. It has been an honor to be your friend.

  •  A Rare Blend of Practical and Spiritual

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    Practical: In 1975, I sat bored to death in Fr. Locatelli's accounting class. No, not bored because of Father, bored because he was (as was his custom) spending the class going over the homework from the night before which (as was too often my custom) I had not done. I stood up and started walking out of class. Father stopped me and asked: "Tom, where are you going?" Me: "Father, everyday you spend the time going over the homework and I didn't do the homework; it makes more sense for me to go to the library and do the homework than to sit here." You could have heard a pin drop. Father, after a pause and with a smile: "Makes sense to me." My selective memory and my legal training cause me to say that "I don't recall" if I actually went to the library. But I do recall Father's practical attitude towards my decision. His presidency at SCU was full of practical, and sometimes unpopular, decisions for which we should all be thankful. Spiritual: Paul cared about people. In years since leaving college, I called upon Paul to intervene in some situations where justice called for intervention and he never let me down. He made a difference in some people's lives that were close to me ... something for which I'll always be grateful. Paul, I am sure that you are currently getting things straightened up in Heaven for those of us that will follow. Thanks!

  •  God bless you, Paul!

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    God bless your life's work on behalf of all of us connected with the University. Our memories of you and the example you set will live on in our hearts forever.

  •  Full of Grace

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I was privileged to be an undergraduate during Father Locatelli's presidency at SCU. I have never admired and truly respected a leader more. Father continuously fought for equality among all students and filled our campus with his grace. Weekly, I would see Father walking around campus and he would joyfully say hello to any and every student. I can still see the smile that he always had on his face. Father Locatelli was one of the most amazing people to have ever graced this Earth. We miss you.

  •  He Treated Everyone the Same

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    Paul was a good guy, we all know that...but, what we loved about him the most was that every time you saw him, it was like you were a long lost friend. He talked to every person he met with the same sincerity. It didn't matter what or who you were, he treated everyone the same. That is what we will remember about him and that is what we will strive to achieve in our own lives. Thanks, Paul, your life has been a true example of what it means to be a Christian. Our hearts go out to his family...we know how deeply his loss will be felt by them.

  •  A Jesuit of all seasons and humble, too

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    Last September, Steve's mother, Mary Schott, passed and Paul had come in from Italy the night before. He arrived at Villa Siena to assist at the funeral Mass. He walked to the chapel, and he asked me where he should sit. Paul and I have actively engaged in discussions of our liberal and conservative ideas. I offhandedly told him he could sit in the chair on the left on the altar. He laughlingly said, "You wouldn't seat me on the chair on the right?!" We had a good laugh. My thought today is if God told Paul to sit on His right, Paul would say, "I'll sit on the left!!" A few years ago, Steve and I hosted Broncos in the Desert, and Paul came to say Mass and preside over the party. When he arrived a little early, he asked me for an ironing board and iron. He needed to iron his Mass clothes. I said, "Why are you ironing your own clothes? You are President of the University; your time is too valuable to iron; you need someone to do this for you." Paul said, "No matter what our title is, we have to take care of our needs." I offered to iron his clothes but he refused. I never forgot that incident. Paul was a Jesuit of all Seasons and hunble, too.

  •  Amazing Father Locatelli

    Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

    I was fortunate to have Father Locatelli as an accounting professor for 4 quarters in 1976 thorugh 1978. We had the first accounting class in Kenna 102, a large lecture hall for a class of about 80 students. Father Locatelli would ask questions and then call on the students. The amazing thing was that Father Locatelli knew our names when he called on us before he had ever met us! It turns out that he had memorized the names to the faces from looking at the "Freshman Record" photo album. He was an amazing man and this was just one small hidden example of the care he had for all he met