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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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A Jesuit of all seasons and humble, too

Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

Last September, Steve's mother, Mary Schott, passed and Paul had come in from Italy the night before. He arrived at Villa Siena to assist at the funeral Mass. He walked to the chapel, and he asked me where he should sit. Paul and I have actively engaged in discussions of our liberal and conservative ideas. I offhandedly told him he could sit in the chair on the left on the altar. He laughlingly said, "You wouldn't seat me on the chair on the right?!" We had a good laugh. My thought today is if God told Paul to sit on His right, Paul would say, "I'll sit on the left!!" A few years ago, Steve and I hosted Broncos in the Desert, and Paul came to say Mass and preside over the party. When he arrived a little early, he asked me for an ironing board and iron. He needed to iron his Mass clothes. I said, "Why are you ironing your own clothes? You are President of the University; your time is too valuable to iron; you need someone to do this for you." Paul said, "No matter what our title is, we have to take care of our needs." I offered to iron his clothes but he refused. I never forgot that incident. Paul was a Jesuit of all Seasons and hunble, too.