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The Mission crosses

Friday, Jul. 16, 2010

Seems only fitting to remember one special time with Father Paul on the eve of his burial at SCU after a life time of service to others. One day the Alumni board was meeting with Father Paul around a number of matters. Seven small wooden crosses had months earlier been placed in front our Mission in remembrance of the killings in El Salvador. Father's question of the board was simply how long should those crosses remain. Collectively, everyone agreed that those small and simply erected crosses should permanently remain where they were originally placed on the lawn at the entrance to our venerable Mission church. Those crosses would be thought provoking, for all students and visitors as they pass on their daily trips to and from classes and campus events- who were these people, why are they mourned, how and why did they die, as we know they did in service to others. Father Paul truly loved the simplicity of what is still today a humble tribute to the stark reality of how much it can cost another to love and care for his fellow man or the poor, clearly in service to God. I remember as clearly as today his smile as he listened with I believe pride, knowing how well all of his Alumni board had been taught, each after years gone from Santa Clara, all still had retained its core values.