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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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Father Locatelli

Friday, Jul. 16, 2010

A dozen or so years ago, I was attending an Alumni Awards event in the Adobe Lodge. Paul had injured his back and was in pain and making slow progress with the assistance of a walker. I'm sure Paul was as bothered by being slowed down as by his discomfort. Sonny Manuel was close by, easing his way through the crowded dining room. As they passed, I whispered to Sonny that maybe he could convince Father to switch from jogging everyday to swimming, so much less punishing for the joints. Sonny looked at me and rolled his eyes heavenward and said "Marie, I'm a psychologist, not a miracle worker!". I treasure that memory of Paul...strong willed indeed and so tender and loving of heart. Happily, Paul recovered fully and was soon back to his early morning jogs. Paul played so many roles so well in his life: architect of a revitalized campus, the Core Curriculum, building the endowment by 10x, being SCU's ambassador around the world, champion of social justice and a consummate teacher. He taught us well during his illness. The lesson is how to face a very tough situation with grace, dignity, humor, optimism, faith and elegance. I will remember this lesson forever. He was such a gift in our lives. Marie Barry Class of 1968