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Courageous Leader

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

Courage and Connection Having worked here at Santa Clara University for nearly 28 years I have a number of memories of Father Locatelli. Two memories that stand out for me are representative of the courage as a leader that he possessed and the connection he made with people. Leaders are forced to make unpopular decisions from time to time and Paul could always do what he thought was best for SCU. His decisions to discontinue football and eliminate the Greek system created considerable controversies and it would have been easier to accept recommendations from individuals and committees that said maintain the status quo. Paul did not wavier as he made and stood by many, many difficult decisions. The second memory I have took place during a women’s soccer match in Buck Shaw. Paul and I were visiting for a bit and after a few minutes he headed out. We were standing on the top of the end zone seats about forty feet from the stairs leading to the concession stand. This stroll would have taken me about 12 seconds but Paul did not get to the steps for twenty minutes. He was saying hello, shaking hands, thanking someone, arguing a point and answering questions. He wanted to connect with the students, alumni, friends, faculty and staff of SCU. Leaders must also stay connected to people in the organization and Paul knew the importance of that. SCU will miss Paul as person and president and so will I.