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peace maker

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

I just happened upon Santa Clara University's website while doing some research for my grad classes. I remember Fr. Locatelli's face-his peaceful demeanor. I did not know him-not even enough to even know his name. I do know his peacefulness and his power of prayer. Almost thirty years ago in 1977 I won a two year scholarship to Santa Clara. I was not even college material at that time. I could not recieve the scholarship because my parents and I were not residents of California at that time. I was so excited, I went to see the campus anyway-out of curiousity. I was drawn to place my feet on the campus. I am sure I met Fr. Locatelli. He was the one who gave me the news that I was unable to use my scholarship. I do not know if he knew I already knew because of some calls I made. He was so pleasant I will never forget. It is a part of my soul and spirit, even though I live a lot differently that I did then, with influences that as christians, we must constantly be aware. I am so glad I met him. I am sure he prayed after me. I never felt bitter, but at the same time I never gave up my quest of going to college. I hope God forgives me of some of the bad choices I have made, and also I hope God blesses Fr. Locatelli for what he did for me when he did not even know me. He gave me confidence and support of my character that has kept me in appreciation of others in my life at school. Its important that I stop, take a minute, recognize a good person. I do not do that often. There are so many good priests that I would love to thank that are still alive. I pray that in the essence of Fr. Locatelli, I may communicate gratitude of others' efforts that make myself and this world a better place. Gail Claiborne-Owens