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How fitting....

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

at the funeral Mass for our beloved Papa Loc I should turn to the inside cover of the program, which showed his official SCU media picture as President, that below were the words of the prophet Micah which resonated with me the truth of his devotion and love for who he really was.....simply a Jesuit priest...... "What does the Lord require of you ? Only to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God" Game over, he wins AGAIN was my thought.....this coming from a former student he taught more than accounting classes to.....he taught me life lessons I adhere to more than 32 years after graduating from SCU. When I last saw Fr. Paul about two years ago at SCU he jokingly said that after having taught me and been known as a hard grader why I would even want to talk to him ! Again that self deprecating humor he had perfected over the years. I simply said "Father I know I may not have been the best student in your intermediate accounting classes but I did learn values from you that transcend debits and credits.....besides I am a tax guy anyway." With his quick wit he came back with the comment he was sorry to hear that I had gone to the dark side with a career in taxes, but then promptly told me, with that smile of his, that he'd try to change my grade 30 years after the fact for my extended efforts....May he rest in peace with our Lord and may we all continue his good works in our lifetimes. We love you and will always remember you Papa Loc and are better for having had you grace our lives. A.M.D.G. (having also been Jesuit educated in high school we were instructed from the first day of classes to always head up our papers with the above latin phrase "For the Greater Glory of God" and having closed with it here I am sure Papa Loc would have given me half credit for at least having it somewhere on the paper...the way he graded I'll take it !! LOL) Robert J. Watson, CPA BSC '78 , MBA '81