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Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

I have a Goodbye letter of my very own to share with those who also loved Father Locatelli. This email post below was in response to Paul’s original email that he was “stepping down as President of Santa Clara University” back in 2008. I continue to miss Father Locatelli & also know his presence will continue to be felt wherever we are walking here on our lovely SCU grounds. 3/14/2008 Dear Father Locatelli, As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I feel compelled to reply to you directly, which I have never done before today. Please know how excited, happy, & proud of you we all are! To be selected & pressed for service to the task of "fostering cooperation in the quest for excellence among Jesuits and their colleagues" etc, is a considerable calling indeed. One that another might have thought daunting or overwhelming. But as I understand who you are "from a distance", & have seen you head straight into Campus challenges to deal with them & overcome, I am confident you will be given God's grace when your strength is low, & the perfect words to say when you are at a loss. I want to congratulate you, but also say, you will be greatly missed. Of course I will keep you in my prayers & hope to hear from time to time how you are doing via a Campus posting in future when you move full time into your new life. Change is hard sometimes, but also a good thing, for new beginnings refresh us, keep us humble, & turn our eyes to the Lord for each new step. That is a good thing. ;) Although I am not Catholic, I have found love, joy, & a passion for excellence here on the SCU Campus I had not experienced much in any of my past Employers: Stanford, ASU, etc. Well, I better head on home for now... & begin dealing with letting go of the "BEST CAMPUS PRESIDENT" I have ever seen in my lifetime! May God continue to bless you abundantly "Mr. President" Locatelli. Sincerely, Mary Sue Crawford