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My first lunch with the President

Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

I remember walking to the Faculty Club for lunch with another Business School professor (Steve Nahmias) shortly after Paul Locatelli became President of Santa Clara. Paul saw us and said “why don’t you come and have lunch with me?” So we walked with him to Nobili Hall. I don’t remember the details of the lunch conversation, but I do remember being impressed by how direct and open Paul was about a variety of university issues, and how willing he was to listen to our points of view. At the end of the lunch, Paul insisted on clearly all our dishes and cleaning them himself. He just said “that’s the way we do things here.” I remember thinking “how many universities are there where a lunch like this would happen?” In twenty years as SCU President, his directness and warm informality never changed. When I see his face on all the postings across campus, I am reminded of how much we will miss him.