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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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Message from Jon Sobrino, SJ, El Salvador

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

To Paul's family, brothers, nephews and nieces, and the Jesuits of the Santa Clara community I write a few words about Paul which bring peace, hope and joy to me. Paul was a good friend of mine, and of many other people. In November 1989, after the killing of the Jesuits, he opened to me the doors of Santa Clara. Every evening, around nine, he would come to my room to invite me to a glass of sherry. I called it "sherry at nine." We talked about a lot of things I will never forget. He soon made me feel a member of his family -- his mother and aunt Lina, his brothers, nephews and nieces. With all of them I felt really at home. He always spoke as a friend to me, conveying trust, friendship and freedom. He came several times to El Salvador and enjoyed being close to the people. He was compassionate with them, and critical of those – whether in civil society or in the Church -- who rejected them or simply did not understand them. Paul was a very good man. Remembering those things makes me happy and brings me a little bit closer to God. Jon Sobrino