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That wonderful Smile

Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

While my short saying got into the other Guest Book, I do want to say a few words about mine and my wife Gigi's wonderful relationship with Father Paul. While I can't claim a close relationship, we had the privilege to chat with him at Presidents Circle and other gatherings throughout the years. Our student days overlapped, but we did not meet then. My wife and I lived in , what I called, Fertility Village. I don't think Father Paul would have allowed sheet metal barracks on campus in later years. At one of the more recent meetings, he found my 1950 Bronco Jacket interesting with the bucking Bronco on the back (I had 4 years US Navy between Sophomore and Junior years). My treasure is that picture of Father Paul and myself plus his cardboard effigy. That wonderful smile! I believe one of the brothers has a copy. As so many of the eulogists indicated, he is now, no doubt, busy up there making the path to where he is easier for the rest of us. I have been telling my wife, whom I lost last year, to keep a sharp lookout for Father Paul. A great man in every possible way. Thank God!