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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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Thank You, Paul

Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

As I sat at Paul's funeral, I wondered if anyone present had not been touched in some personal way by Fr Paul Locatelli. My story..when I was in the MBA program, one of my accounting professors suggested that I might want to drop out of the program because it was very doubtful that anyone would hire me in the accounting profession as a women of 35. I dropped out of the program. The next day I felt lost...all of my goals were gone. The follwing day I called Paul and explained that I had made a terrible mistake. He listened and kindly said 'don't worry about a thing, just plan to go back to classes tomorrow". Paul was able to see beyond rules and formalities...he had me back in the program the following day. I graduated with an MBA, got my CPA certificate and still have a CPA practice today at age 67. Thank you, Paul!!