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Fr. Paul Locatelli 1938-2010

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Father Locatelli's death

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010

I had faith and hope: faith in Santa Clara University and hope that my child would receive a traditional catholic education. Both were shattered when my child graduated. Sadly I was then unaware of the existence of the Cardinal Newman Society that I now support. Otherwise I would have never sent my daughter to Santa Clara University. But I came to realize that Santa Clara is only catholic by name! I felt cheated and so disapointed (and ripped off). As a single parent it was a huge effort for me to pay for her tuition. I make Father Locatelly fully responsible for this, and for the sad situation the University finds itself now in. How can a University that names itself catholic permit drag shows, amongst other things? Is the University the typical example of the wolves dressed in sheep clothes? Are you still in time to back up? Do you realize how vital it is for the youth you are responsible for to be taught in the strict catholic tradition? Sadly, Father Locatelli will only now be aware of his errors. I am now praying for the University, praying for the youth in this country who are so needy of guidance, praying for parents that they can open their eyes in time, and praying for our Holy Father who has blessed the Church with his intelligence and his humility, that our Lord give him strength to continue his job of maintaining the Catholic tradition through his apostolic succession. I hope my e-mail helps the future of Santa Clara University. God have pity on us all, Penelope.