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Camino 2.0: Importing Courses from old Camino (ANGEL) into Canvas

Don't have time for a Canvas overview?  Just want to export your course from the old system into the new? Follow these steps, and with a little editing, you'll be set for start of the quarter! 

1. go into your old Camino course and click on Manage

2. click on Export Console

3. click on ANGEL format

4. check the types of content you want to export 

5. click Next

6. click Go back to Export Course Content

7. click the Refresh button until you see your course and a green check mark in Status

8. click on the File name to download it to your computer. You can save this file as an archive.

go to and login using your normal SCU login (like logging in to SCU gmail) point the mouse at Courses (in the red stripe at the top of the page) and you'll see your Fall courses click on the course name to:

9. log into your Canvas course

10. click Settings (on the left navigation panel on the bottom left side of the screen)

11. click Import Content into this Course

12. choose ANGEL export .zip format

13. click Choose file and choose the zip file you exported out of Camino

14. click Import -- this could take anywhere from 4 to 45 minutes in duration, depending on the size of your course.  

For help with this process or answers to any Canvas questions, please contact one of the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists:
Mike Ballen,, 551-1842
Michael Gilkison,, 551-6087
Gloria Hofer,, 551-1863
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