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Who We Are

michaelG_70%_feb2015 Michael Gilkison received his Bachelor's degree at Georgetown College and his Master's degree at West Virginia University. While at WVU, he worked with professors and students in an IT setting, incorporating educational methods and practices into the classroom. In 2012, Michael worked in private and public school systems in Australia where he gained a different perspective on culture, technology, and education. Michael can be reached at 408 551-6087 or



Gloria HoferGloria Hofer has been an Instructional Technology Resource Specialist since 2007. Gloria's extensive experience in technology, instruction, curriculum development, pedagogy, and assessment, enable her to work with the needs of faculty who are integrating technology in their teaching and who also want their students to be trained to use the technology. She is committed to promoting life-long learning and strives to provide the best tech support and resources for faculty. She has a Masters in Interdisciplinary Education with Emphasis in Teaching with Technology, and is a part time lecturer in the School of Education. Gloria can be reached at 408 551-1863, or at