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ZOOM Web Conferencing

Use for meetings or to bring a guest speaker into your classroom.  Sign in with Google and use your valid SCU Network ID and password to use the service.  You can make ZOOM calls with non-SCU people, just send them an invite. 

Satellite Downlinking

(1 way video/audio)

Media Services provides downlink facilities for receiving programs and teleconferences broadcast from C and KU band satellites. The programs can be recorded for later viewing, viewed live in Media Services viewing rooms, and/or distributed directly to classrooms, conference rooms, offices, or campus residences with connectivity to the campus cable TV system. Requesting departments are responsible for registration or programming fees required for the viewing or taping rights. There are also charges for videotape stock used to record the broadcast.

There are additional facility rental charges for off-campus groups using these services.

For more information or to schedule your event contact Dan Maloney, 554-4520 (

When scheduling your event, we will need the following information:

  1. Name, date, starting time, and duration of the Teleconference
  2. Technical Information, which is often sent with confirmation materials after registration:
    • Name of Satellite, Transponder (channel number) and audio frequency of the program
    • Time of test pattern/broadcast on day of event (so that we can verify audio/video signals)
    • Technical Trouble "hot line" phone number (in the event of technical difficulties on the day of the event)
  3. Size of the viewing audience
  4. Whether or not a telephone or fax machine will be required in a nearby location for questions during the event.

Note of warning: Satellite programming is subject to interference from sunspots (most prevalently in the fall and spring), terrestrial microwave activity, and climatic conditions. This can result in audio and video signals fading in and out during programming.

Video Conferencing

(2-way interactive video and audio)

The one public videoconferencing location on campus - the Wiegand Teleconferencing Room, is located on the first floor of the Arts & Sciences building. The system runs compressed video over ISDN phone lines and supports both point-to-point and multipoint (as receive site only) links.

To schedule a Teleconference in the Wiegand Room, contact Fern Silva.

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