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Santa Clara on iTunes U


Santa Clara University hosts audio and video content in Apple's iTunes system.  If you're already using iTunes, you can connect directly to SCU's iTunes U store.  SCU's maintains a public iTunes U store, where you'll find media published by several campus organizations, as well as a password-protected area of the iTunes U store for SCU-related course materials.  Course materials are managed by SCU faculty and students, and are accessible via links from the Angel learning management system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • iconWhat is iTunes, and how do I use it?
    Apple's popular iTunes music store is accessed using an application (also called iTunes) that you install on your  computer. You can download the iTunes application from the Apple Web site -
  • iconIs technical support available for iTunes?
    Not through SCU, but the Apple Web site includes support resources for iTunes users:
  • iconWhat is iTunes U?
    Apple supports academic institutions by offering custom iTunes "store" space for audio, video, and podcasts, called "iTunes U".  If you have iTunes installed, you will see iTunes U in the list of iTunes stores on the main iTunes page.  You can also access SCU's iTunes U store directly.
  • iconDo I pay for iTunes U content?
    The content available in SCU's iTunes U store can be downloaded at no cost.  Apple's iTunes application is also freely distributed.
  • iconCan I publish content in iTunes U?
    SCU organizations can publish audio and video content in our iTunes U store.  To request more information about developing content and publishing to iTunes, contact the Web Publishing team.
  • iconCan I use iTunes to publish course materials?
    SCU Faculty can create a course listing in iTunes U for media files associated with a course managed in the Angel learning management system.  For assistance with access to Angel or iTunes U, contact the Instructional Technology Resource Specialsts in Media Services.
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