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Santa Clara University Photo/Filming Guidelines and Procedures

Procedures and guidelines for non-University Photography, Filming, or Videotaping on the Santa Clara University campus

Santa Clara University’s permission is required to videotape, film or photograph on the Santa Clara University campus for anything other than personal use.

Personal Use Guideline

We receive numerous requests to shoot photography and filming on campus. Our policy is to limit photography and filming to personal use and occasional other non-commercial purposes with the following restrictions and guidelines:
-    no disruption of campus activities such as classes, and religious services
-    no disruption to traffic or parking 
-    no identifiable images taken of others without their written permission
-    no imposition created on others present on campus
-    the photography must not present a safety hazard to a person or property
-    the nature of the images must reflect lawful considerations of dress and content

News-Related, Non-Commercial Shooting

Permission will be considered for reasonable requests for news-related, non-commercial shooting, but SCU reserves the right to deny permission for any reason.
For news-related projects, contact Deepa Arora, 408-554-5125,, Director of Media Relations.

Commercial Use and Exploitation of the Santa Clara University Name and Graphic Identity is Prohibited

SCU prohibits commercial photography and filming to protect the University's intellectual properties and trademarks. This includes any implied endorsement by Santa Clara University and appearance or mention of the Santa Clara University name or graphic identity.

For Santa Clara Mission related activities, please contact Charlie White, tel. 551-1972,

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