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SCU in the News is a biweekly compilation of select media highlights featuring faculty, staff or students.

  •  Kevin Rogan & Kyle Graham

    An all-day conference sponsored by the Santa Clara Law Review and the High Tech Law Institute, which focused on the legal implications of self-driving cars, was covered in a story in The New York Times that was picked up by about four dozen other publications and sites, including Mashable, CNBC and The Sydney Morning Herald. The event was previewed by NBC and the San Jose Mercury News and its affiliated publications. In some stories, law student Kevin Rogan and professor Kyle Graham (Law) were quoted.

  •  Solar Decathlon

    News that Santa Clara University had been selected for the 2013 Solar Decathlon(Engineering) was carried in numerous publications, including the Chronicle of Higher EducationEco-StructureGreen Building Blog; Renewable Energy MagazineArchinect Architecture NewsElectronic Component NewsEnvironmental Design + Construction; and PM Engineer.  NBC Bay Area did an extensive in-studio interview with SCU studentsJake Gallau (Engineering) and Jay Dubashi (Engineering) discussing the strategy the team will use for the competition.

  •  Global Social Benefit Incubator

    The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal profiled the Global Social Benefit Incubator (CSTS) as part of a package of stories on incubator programs, noting that GSBI “aims to not just benefit students, but the world.”

  •  Engineering Career Fair

    CBS5 and ABC7 attended the Engineering Career Fair and ran segments on the job market. Engineering students Ganesh Ramanathan and Luke Cashman were interviewed about their job-search experiences, and Elspeth Rossetti (Career Center) gave tips on selling your value as a job candidate.

  •  Farid Senzai

    Farid Senzai (Political Science) appeared on NBC Bay Area discussing the escalating threat of Iran.

  •  Judy Nadler

    Judy Nadler (Markkula) was quoted in The New York Times as part of a Chicago News Cooperative story about conflicts of interest when elected officials are also lobbyists.

  •  Margaret McLean

    Margaret McLean (Markkula) was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story, reprinted in about 20 publications, about a Mexican immigrant who is in the U.S. illegally, being denied a transplant after his status became known.  She was also the expert adviser in a MSN Money Q&A focused on whether it is OK to keep money if a cashier gives you too much change. (No.)

  •  Bob Michels

    KLIV interviewed Bob Michels (Counseling Psychology) about the goal of a recent panel on gang intervention in the South Bay.

  •  Bill Sundstrom

    Bill Sundstrom (Economics) was quoted in a Univision News story about estimates that the DREAM Act would yield billions of dollars for the U.S. economy.

  •  Eric Goldman

    Eric Goldman (Law) was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle and BusinessWeek story about the arrest of the founder of Megaupload for copyright infringement. He also talked to The Wall Street Journal  about an unusual “sting” to capture misdeeds by Google ad-sales employees. He appeared in dozens of other stories after talking to KQED’s Marketplace, InsideCounsel,  The Washington PostThe New York Times,  The Christian Science Monitor, AP, Los Angeles Times, and others about Megaupload, SOPA, and other tech-law issues.

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Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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