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Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010

Studying abroad is an undertaking built upon new experiences. One such experience often overlooked is the chance to live within a major city. The vast majority of my classmates neither grew up nor attends college in a metropolitan area. Therefore, I believe for most students, studying abroad isn’t only eye opening through attending school in a foreign country but also through the experience of city living.

I feel as though I have grown immensely due to my living situation abroad. Getting off campus and into a city has given me independence and has forced me to encounter many new things. Public transportation, for example, is integral while abroad. Also, attaining a general sense of direction is something I have learned quickly. Finally, accumulating your lifestyle to a living, breathing city is something that takes getting used to.

The comforts of campus are so important in personal growth during college. It allows you to meet people, feel a sense of community, and focus on things directly related to school. Getting outside the campus and into a city, though, has proven to be an experience I am truly grateful for while abroad. It has given me the perfect taste of my soon-to-be independence after graduating.


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