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Friday, Dec. 10, 2010

My study abroad experience has been unique due to my background. My grandmother emigrated from Greece to come to America over 65 years ago. To live in her home country and attain a better sense of my family’s origins has been the cherry on top of my study abroad experience.

I have been able to explore my roots by growing closer with the only relative that still lives in Athens. Zoe, my dad’s cousin, has been overly hospitable in welcoming and spending time with me. It has become tradition to meet every weekend for lunch to catch up and keep each other company. I have subsequently learned much more about my grandma, the rest of my family that remained in Greece, and the differences in life lived in Greece and America.

As I return home in a week’s time, there are many things I will take home with me. One of the most important, though, is my new relationship with Zoe. Building a stronger relationship with any family member is something special, and it is nice knowing, as she always reassures me, the next time I return to Greece I’ll have somewhere to stay. I urge those students deciding where to study abroad to choose somewhere where they have personal ties. It adds a personal level of interest to the study abroad experience and will make it that much more meaningful.

                               Zoe and myself


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