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Closing Remarks

Friday, Dec. 17, 2010

It is hard to express my feelings about my time spent abroad. The crazy thing is that my feelings will change, making it even more difficult to describe once I return to America. With that said, and to be a little more specific, it was a life changing experience. I must add that I don’t use that phrase lightly. To absorb a different culture and understand alternative viewpoints and lifestyle has had nothing but a positive influence on my perspective on life. For any student even remotely thinking about studying abroad, I urge them to please not pass up the opportunity.

Thinking back upon when I arrived, I think this is the most I’ve grown as a person over a three-month period. The following things I was unable to say before I arrived in Greece:

  1. I am comfortable speaking a foreign language.
  2. I have a strong relationship with family members outside the country
  3. I lived outside the country for an extended period of time.
  4. I have many new friends that I care about dearly.
  5. I feel a strong connection with my Greek heritage and roots.

I could continue listing achievements, accomplishments, and changes in my life but I will spare you for now. I’ll wrap things up with a bunch of pictures, which can be viewed below. Again, I hope every SCU student has the privilege and opportunity to study abroad as I did. You will not regret going.

From left: Chris Stamas '11, Kellie Scullin, Sena Chun, Chase Tucker, Jordan Esterkin, Anna Chapin

       Chris Stamas '11, Joey Murphy '12

Sandy Peterson, Bri Peterson, Ambi Peterson, Chris Stamas '11, Noah Smutz

                         Meg Fitzpatrick, Chris Stamas '11

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