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Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

One of the beautiful things about studying abroad is meeting new people. Though a little intimidated at first, I quickly realized everyone in my study abroad program was in the same boat. Each student arrived in Greece without knowing anyone. Therefore, I quickly realized that everyone would be friendly and open to building new relationships. With this knowledge, I have met as many people as possible and feel as though I have already known certain classmates for years.

The most popular aspects of studying abroad are living in a foreign country and having the opportunity to see the world. In my opinion, I think being forced to meet new people away from the friendly confines of your college is just as important. Although at times I might feel uncomfortable or I might not gel with certain people, I know that my conversation skills are improving and that learning how to connect with new people will help me later in life. Within the several weeks I have lived in Greece, the people, not the country, have made me grow most as a person.

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