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Almendras, Samira
Junior Graphic Designer
408-554-5557 contact form
Aquino, Jerry
Assistant Web Services Manager
408-554-2223 contact form
Arora, Deepa
Communications Director
408-554-5125 contact form
Avritt, Margaret
Marketing Director
408-554-5122 contact form
Bertino, Nic
Web Services Manager
408-551-3493 contact form
Cianci, Maria
University Writer/Editor
408-551-3119 contact form
Cohen, Ed
Associate Editor
408-551-3506 contact form
Colombatto, Jay
Director, Development Marketing
408-551-3092 contact form
Degastaldi, Linda
Creative Director
408-554-5381 contact form
Gire, Jeffrey
University Writer/Editor
408-551-1796 contact form
Gou, Vicky
Assistant Director, Social Media
408-551-7174 contact form
Gutmann, Harold
University Writer/Editor
408-551-3117 contact form
Hamilton, Clay
Assoc. Editor, Web/Media Designer
408-554-2183 contact form
Herndon, Bill
Director of Web Communications
408-554-5127 contact form
Hua, Jackie
Production Manager
408-554-2740 contact form
Lee, Ellen
Marketing Coordinator
408-554-4699 contact form
Lee, Joanne H
University Photographer
408-554-5334 contact form
LeyVa, Dona
University Writer/Editor
408-554-5123 contact form
Lohse, Deborah
Assistant Director, Media Relations
408-554-5121 contact form
Malatesta, Katy
Brand Marketing Manager
408-554-5124 contact form
McKown, Alice
Senior Graphic Designer
408-551-3055 contact form
Ryan, John
University Writer/Editor
408-551-3472 contact form
Samuelson, Patti
Graphic Designer
408-554-5119 contact form
Saum, Steven Boyd
Editor, Santa Clara Magazine
408-551-1840 contact form
Vossugh, Tina
Assistant Director, Media Relations
408-554-5126 contact form

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