Santa Clara University

Office of Marketing and Communications



OMC's editorial services team helps keep SCU's written communication consistent and accurate by maintaining the University brand and identity through the University Editorial Style Guidelines.


SCU Template Style Guidelines (700k PDF) provide details about the University standards for colors, fonts, logo use, and other graphic design elements.

Media Relations

  • Guidelines for writing an op-ed— Faculty or staff interested in writing an opinion piece to submit to mainstream publications can consult this guide for tips
  • Media Planning— Best practices for getting the right press coverage for your next major event

News reporters may also contact University officials or experts as sources for relevant stories; we've provided some strategies to help you represent Santa Clara University in the best way possible.


The Photography guidelines include information on requesting and using photography in print or online.


The Web Publishing site provides information on the Web color palette, images sizes, navigation, page layout, and typography.

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