Santa Clara University

Office of Marketing and Communications

Requesting a photo from OMC

First, please review the OMC online photo gallery. Several photographs of our campus and students are immediately available for download in both high and low resolutions.

If you need more specific photos for your Web site or publication, contact University photographer Chuck Barry.

Allow three to five working days for requests for file photography; additional time will be needed for requests for multiple photos. We receive a large number of requests for this service. Our photos are archived in a database, but stored on CDs. It takes us time to locate, edit, copy, and distribute each request.

If your request is for three or fewer images, we can send them by e-mail. Otherwise, we will burn a CD for pickup or mailing. Please let us know whether the images you request will be for print or Web publication. We will save the images in high-resolution JPG format unless you request otherwise.

If you wish to request an image more than ten years old, please contact University Archives.

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