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bachelor of arts, bachelor of science

Do not capitalize.

In a sentence, the preferred usage is:

  • John Smith earned a bachelor of arts degree in communication.
  • NOT John Smith earned a B.A. from SCU.

It is also acceptable to say

  • John Smith earned a bachelor's degree in communication.
Bay Area
biblical citations

Matthew 3:16, Luke 21:1-13 (note en dash), 1 Peter 2:1

biblical events

Capitalize events in the life of Christ or Mary, such as:

  • the Exodus
  • the Passion
  • the Assumption

When used without Christ's or Mary's name:

  • the Last Supper

When used with, Christ's or Mary's name:

  • Christ's last supper

When prefacing a proper name use Bishop John Smith; on second reference use the bishop.


Lowercase in reference to race and color. (Also see African-American.)

Blessed Sacrament, Blessed Virgin

A successor to the DVD, Blu-ray is a standard used to deliver high-definition video and other digital content.


Capitalize only when it is part of a proper name.

Board of Trustees, Board of Regents, Board of Fellows

Capitalize. Lowercase trustees, board, and regents on second reference. Always use Board of Fellows, not "fellows" on second reference.

book titles

See titles.

Bronco Bench Foundation

Never abbreviate as Bro. or Br.

  • Brother John Smith
Building names and campus locations

Full name as applicable in parentheses:

  • Adobe Lodge
  • Alumni Science Hall includes building addition completed in 1999.
  • Alumni Terrace
  • Bannan Engineering (Thomas J. Bannan Building) -- engineering classrooms and the dean's office
  • Bannan Engineering Laboratories a.k.a. “Philip L. Bannan Hall,” was originally part of “Sullivan Engineering Center.”
  • Bannan Hall (Berchman A. Bannan Hall) -- law school classrooms and offices
  • Bellarmine Hall
  • Benson Center (Robert F. Benson Memorial Center)
  • Bergin Hall (Thomas I. Bergin Hall)
  • The Bronco, located in the Benson Center
  • Buck Shaw Field
  • Campus Bookstore (the bookstore)
  • California Mission Room, located in the basement of the Benson Center; formerly called the Brass Rail.
  • Casa Italiana
  • Campisi Hall (Salvador V. Campisi Residence Hall)
  • Campus Ministry (Patrick and Kathleen Heffernan Campus Ministry Center)
  • Campus Safety Services
  • Cellar Market in Benson Center
  • The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SCU-CIE) in Lucas Hall
  • Cole Plaza (The Curtis and Margaret Cole Performing Arts Plaza)
  • The Commons at Kennedy Mall (Kennedy Commons)
  • Cowell Center includes Cowell Student Health Center and Counseling Center
  • Daly Science Center (Edward J. Daly Science Center) 
  • de Saisset Museum
  • Degheri Tennis Center formerly the Santa Clara University Tennis Center
  • Development Office in Loyola Hall
  • Donohoe Alumni House -- formerly “James and Rose Donohoe Infirmary”—home of the Alumni Office
  • Dunne Hall (James F. Dunne Residence Hall)
  • Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building
  • Executive Development Center
  • Facilities Building
  • Fess Parker Studio Theatre
  • Fine Arts Building
  • Gonyea Family Arbor outside of Kenna Hall
  • Graham Residence Center (Charles H. Graham Residential Learning Community) -- The four buildings that make up the complex also have names attached to them—O’Neill, Hancock, Swig and Strub—but the housing office only refers to them as Graham 100, 200, 300 and 400.
  • Heafey Law Library (Edwin J. Heafey Law Library)
  • Human Resources in Loyola Hall
  • Information Services Office comprises Information Technology, Orradre Library, and Media Services.
  • Jesuit Community Residence (Jesuit Residence) at Franklin and Alviso streets.
  • Kenna Hall named for Roberto E. Kenna, S.J.
  • Kenna Lawn
  • Kennedy Mall (John F. Kennedy Mall)
  • Kerr Alumni Park Formerly Alumni Park
  • Kids on Campus
  • Law Alumni Center in Bannan Hall
  • Learning Commons, Technology Center, and Library (Joanne E. Harrington Learning Commons, Sobrato Family Technology Center, and Orradre Library)
  • Leavey Center
  • Loyola Hall  at 425 El Camino Real
  • Lucas Hall
  • Malley Center (Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center)
  • McLaughlin Hall (Edward McLaughlin Residence Hall)
  • Market Square, located in the Benson Center
  • Mayer Theatre (Louis B. Mayer Theatre)
  • McLaughlin Residence Hall
  • Mission Bakery and Terrace Cafe
  • Mission Santa Clara de Asís (Mission Church, Mission Santa Clara)
  • Multicultural Center (MCC)
  • Music and Dance Facility, Recital Hall
  • Nobili Hall
  • O’Connor Hall
  • Orradre Library now part of the Learning Commons
  • Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admission and Enrollment Services Building
  • Paul L. Locatelli, S.J. Student Activity Center
    Locatelli Student Center or Locatelli Center on second reference
  • parking structure. Do not capitalize in text.
  • Ramos Center -- office of the dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, in Vari Hall.
  • Ricard Observatory (Ricard Memorial Observatory)
  • Sanfilippo Hall (Sanfilippo Residence Hall)
  • Schott Stadium (Stephen Schott Stadium)
  • Shapell Lounge part of the “Bob Shapell Student Activities Hall”
  • Sobrato Hall (John A. and Susan Sobrato Residential Learning Complex) residence hall; also houses the Ignatian Center.
  • St. Clare Hall
  • St. Joseph’s Hall
  • St. Francis Chapel
  • Stanton Field soccer practice field by Kerr Alumni Park
  • Stevens Stadium (formerly Buck Shaw Stadium)
  • Soukup Garden (The Jeanette R. Soukup Memorial Garden) outside of Vari Hall
  • Sullivan Engineering Center (George L. Sullivan Engineering Center) the three buildings that make up the engineering school—James D. Murphy Hall, Philip L. Bannan Hall, and Thomas J. Bannan Building.
  • Sullivan Aquatic Center
  • Swig Hall (Benjamin H. Swig Residence Hall)
  • University Finance Office
  • Vari Hall (Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Hall) home of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Varsi Hall (The Aloysius Varsi Hall)
  • Villa Apartments  at 2675 Park Ave.
  • Walsh Administration Building (Delia L. Walsh Administration Building)
  • Walsh Residence Hall (James E. Walsh Residence Hall)
  • The Wiegand Center (The E.L. Wiegand Teleconference Center)
  • Williman Room

Reference to specific rooms

When referring to a specific location on campus, give the one- or two-word building name and room number. Do not separate with a comma. Exceptions for Graham residence halls and for clarity as needed.

  • Graham 207
  • Daly Science 302
  • O’Connor 110
  • Benson 203
  • Kenna 307
  • Donohoe 210
  • Bannan Engineering 210
  • Bannan 210
  • Swig 1012



Treat the complete names as titles:

  • 1998-99 Undergraduate Bulletin

Otherwise, lowercase:

  • We have completed updating the bulletin.

Capitalize the first word of each bulleted item. Use punctuation at the end of each bulleted item only if each is a complete sentence. Keep all bulleted text flush left.

He made the following points:

  • Up is down. (note use of periods because of complete sentences)
  • Down is up.
  • All bulleted text is to be kept flush left.

The agenda items include:

  • Removing the boulder
  • Eating too much
  • Singing a song
business school

Capitalize Leavey School of Business on first reference. See academic departments.

the Bible, biblical

Do not abbreviate individual books of the Bible. Lowercase bible in nonreligious references:

  • The University Style Guide is the bible for wordsmiths at Santa Clara.
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