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SCU Editorial Style Guide



Takes a singular verb.

  • Santa Clara’s faculty is nationally recognized.

In cases where a singular verb is awkward or unclear, change to “faculty members.”

  • The Jesuit emphasis on education for leadership attracts faculty members who are committed to their students’ development.

Stands for “frequently asked questions,” acceptable in all references. Do not use periods (F.A.Q.) or apostrophe (FAQs). Primarily used in Web writing and navigation. 


Farther refers to physical distance; further refers to an extension of time or degree.

  • He walked farther into the woods.
  • The dean promised to look into the matter further.

Use Father before a name only in direct quotations.

When referring to a priest in writing, do NOT use:

  • “Father” or “the father”

Abbreviation is “Fr.”

For Jesuit priests, use S.J. after their name.

DO NOT use both Fr. and S.J.

  • Michael E. Engh, S.J.
  • Fr. Michael Engh

See Rev.

federal government

See numbers.

Financial Aid Office
flier, flyer

Flier is the preferred term for an aviator or a handbill. Flyer is the proper name of some trains and buses. 

foreign terms

See italics.


 Always lowercase when used with a title.


Capitalize. Refers to people who have donated more than $1 million to the University. Note this on first reference. 

freelance, freelancer

No hyphen. 

freshman, freshmen

Lowercase. Note that freshmen is the plural; freshman is the singular noun as well as the adjective form.

  • The freshman class was the largest ever.
  • A majority of freshmen are from California.

Avoid use of “frosh.”

full time, full-time

Hyphenate only when used as a compound modifier.

  • He works full time.


  • He is a full-time worker.

See part time, part-time.

fundraising, fundraiser

 Not hyphenated.

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