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SCU Editorial Style Guide



See academic degrees.


Properly referred to as the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order. For members of the order, use S.J. after the individual’s name, set off with commas.

  • Michael E. Engh, S.J., is president of SCU.

Do not use Fr. or Dr. before the name when using S.J. as a suffix.

Jesuit School of Theology

JST is acceptable in second reference.

Full title is the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University. If context requires the Berkeley location to be mentioned add: (Berkeley campus).

Jesuit universities, international

Due to deferences in classification between countries, when refering to a total number of international Jesuit universities, "more than 100" is perferable.


Jesus or Jesus Christ



Abbreviate only with full names of persons. The notation II or 2nd may be used if it is the individual's preference. Do not precede with a comma.

  • Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

Lowercase when referring to the class year designation

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