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Office of Marketing and Communications

SCU Editorial Style Guide



Don't use current year with dates.

  • She died March 3 in San Jose.
  • NOT She died March 3, 2010.

Use courtesy titles Mr., Mrs. when referring to the deceased in an obituary.


All nonacademic areas are offices, not departments:

  • the Purchasing Office
  • the Office of Housing
  • Residential Life
Office of Marketing and Communications
On second reference lowercase and use as marketing and communications office.
Office of Student Life
Use on first reference, especially in news releases. On second reference, student life office is acceptable.
Official names

Informal title or acronym in brackets:

  • Automated Retrieval System (ARS)
  • Bannan Institute for Jesuit Educational Mission (Bannan Center)
  • Career Center
  • Center for Multicultural Learning (CML)
  • Center for Student Leadership (CSL)
  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SCU-CIE)
  • Center for Social Justice and Public Service
  • Center of Performing Arts (CPA)
  • Center for Professional Developmen
  • Howard S. and Alida S. Charney Hall of Law (Charney Hall)
  • Civil Society Institute
  • Competitive Manufacturing Institute (CMI)
  • Cowell Student Health Center
  • DISCOVER project (acronym; stands for Developing and Inspiring Scholarly Communities Oriented toward Vocational Engagement and Reflection)
  • The John B. Drahmann Academic Advising and Learning Resources Center (Drahmann Center)
  • East Side Future Teachers Project
  • E-commerce Initiative
  • Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building
  • Engineering Design Center (EDC)
  • Environmental Studies Institute (ESI)
  • Executive Development Center (EDC)
  • Food and Agribusiness Institute (FAI)
  • High Tech Law Institute
  • Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
  • Institute for Information Storage Technology (IIST)
  • Institute for Spirituality and Organizational Leadership
  • Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • Integrated Strategic Plan
  • Joanne E. Harrington Learning Commons, Sobrato Family Technology Center, and Orradre Library (acceptable second reference is learning commons, technology center, and library)
  • Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center (formerly the East San Jose Community Law Center)
  • Kern Engineering Entrepreneurship Network (KEEN)
  • Lucas Hall
  • Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (Ethics Center)
  • Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship (Miller Center)
  • Multicultural Center (MCC; this is a student organization, should not be confused with Center for Multicultural Learning)
  • Northern California Innocence Project
  • Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Partnerships for Community-Based Learning (formerly, Arrupe Center)
  • Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., Solidarity Program (Kolvenbach program)
  • Retail Management Institute (RMI)
  • The Spirituality and Health Institute
  • Sullivan Aquatic Center
  • Wellness Center


Do not use okay.
on campus

No hyphen:

  • Visitors are welcome on campus.

But include hyphen if the words are used as an adjective:

  • On-campus parking is available.
online, offline

No hyphen.

Online Santa Clara Automated Retrieval (online library catalog)
Over vs. More than

Over generally refers to spatial relationships:

  • The plane flew over the city.


More than is used with numerals:

  • Their salaries went up more than $20 a week.
One word.
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