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SCU Editorial Style Guide


Treat as a job description, not a title. Lowercase.

Capitalize it before the name of an individual who is a member of SCU's Board of Regents.

residence halls

Preferred term for on-campus housing locations. Do not use dormitories or dorms.

Residential Learning Communities

Use on first reference to SCU's student living groups. RLC or RLCs on second reference.


For a member of the Jesuits, use the Rev. before the name or S.J. after it, not both. S.J. is preferable.

However, for very formal occasions, using both Reverend and S.J. is acceptable.

Also, see S.J.

room numbers
Use figures and capitalize room when used with a figure:Use figures and capitalize room when used with a figure:
  • Room 222
It is recited, prayed, or said; never read. Lowercase.
Ruff Riders
The official student booster club of SCU Athletics.
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