Santa Clara University

Office of Marketing and Communications

SCU Editorial Style Guide


the Vatican

Capitalize only when used as part of a formal title:

  • Santa Clara Valley
  • Silicon Valley

Lowercase the word valley when it stands on its own or on second reference.

Vari Hall

Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Hall is home to the College of Arts and Sciences

vice president

DO NOT HYPHENATE.  Upercase when used before a person's name, lowercase after:

  • Santa Clara University's Vice President for University Relations Jim Purell plans to step down from his post later this year.
  • Jim Purcell, vice president for University Relations, announced plans to retire in December.
vice provost, vice chair

No hyphen.  Title capitalization guidelines apply.  See capitilization.


One word. Use uppercase when saying Santa Clara University Viewbook 2010. Lowercase on second reference.

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