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SCU Editorial Style Guide


Walsh Administration Building

On second reference, use Walsh.

Walsh Residence Hall

On second reference use Walsh Hall.

Way of the Cross

Short form of World Wide Web.  Always capitalize.  Do not italicize Web addresses within blocks of text.  Do not capitalize a Web address unless the address is case-sensitive.  The address should appear exactly as is in the URL.  Do not break a Web address in a line; if it is unavoidable, break after a slash or period without using an end-of-line hyphen.

Names of Web publications or common sites (such as Salon or Google) should not be italicized.  These should include ".com" on first reference, but can stand alone on subsequent references.

URLs should not be italicized or underlined in printed materials (unless body of text is already italicized); Microsoft Word will autoformat as an underlined hyperlink, which is acceptable only in informal pieces.

website, webpage, webmaster

Note new downcase, one-word usage.


  • The Web has shaped social interaction in the 21st century.
  • Web-based applications continue to multiply.
West Coast Conference

WCC on second reference.  The athletic conference to which Bronco sports teams belong.

West Coast, the West

Capitalize if used to indicate the larger geographic region of the United States, lowercase if used as a directional indicator.  See directions.

Western world

Also see directions.


Lowercase in reference to race and color.


(contraction of who is)

  • Who's coming to the convocation?




  • Whose book is that?
work force
works of art, descriptions

Works of art are italicized. When writing a formal description of an artwork, use this format:

Artisit Name
Title of work, year of completion
Material used
Credit line
Other points of interest


A. Wasil
In Celebration of Family, 2008
Gift to Santa Clara University from Dr. Rudi and Diana Brutoco, and the Brutocao Family Foundation, with special support from Malcolm Cisneros Law Corporation

This sculpture was the final work by A. Wasil before his death in 2008. A similar piece can be found on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

World Wide Web

Simply saying the Web or the Internet is also acceptable.  See Web,website, webpage.

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