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SCU Editorial Style Guide



Always use numbers for years, even if starting a sentence.  Express a range of years with an en dash, even in body copy.

If the first two digits are the same for the start and end years, format the range like this:

  • 1990-95

But if they aren't, use:

  • 1999-2000


  • 1999-00

For decades, use numerals and do not use apostrophes to pluralize:

  • the 1980s


  • the 1980's

Also, see dates/months/years.

your, you're, yore

your (possessive, both singular and plural), you're (you are), yore(time long past)

  • Is this your jacket?
  • Are you sure you're ok?
  • This dates back to the days of yore.


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