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Hello and Welcome to Fall Quarter 2014

Dear OLLI Members,

The holiday season is now upon us and it is that special time of year when we find ourselves reflecting on the value of our relationships and appreciate how these connections help define who we are, and how they will shape who we will become. 

As an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute member you can participate in an ever expanding selection of Special Interest Groups that satisfy social and intellectual curiosity. You are presented with an array of classes taught by talented and interesting instructors. The Distinguished Speakers, Destination Learning trips, and a variety of social events all add richness to your life at very modest cost. And this is as a result of the Osher Foundation endowment which funded OLLI@SCU.

As you recall, OLLI@SCU received a million dollar endowment from the Osher Foundation in 2008. This endowment generates interest that helps offset operating expenses but must be augmented by membership and course fees along with donations to avoid depleting the principal. So each year we must fundraise in order to meet our programmatic needs.

While the Osher Foundation has not been highly prescriptive in detailing how each of the 119 OLLIs are to be organized and run (and there is wide variation among them), there are expressed expectations of active member participation through volunteerism and leadership, and enthusiastic member donation support to ensure the program’s sustainability. These are measureable indicators of the success of the program.

We have over 1,000 members. Last year 81 households (that’s only 7.6% of OLLI households) donated $12,860. Six households donated $1,000 each, thus joining the newly formed Leadership Circle, with the remainder of our over 1000 members donating a total of $6,860. (Please see September Link for financial report.) Our goal for this year is to raise $25,000, which could easily be accomplished if each household donated.

Please think about what OLLI brings to your life when you consider your donation to OLLI@SCU. Together we can support and preserve this program we enjoy so much. Use your credit card today – click here – to make your gift.


Andrea Saade



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